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When will Nepal rise?

Published On: November 19, 2020 07:08 AM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

It's important to rise. But where is the possibility? Who is the possibility? Where are the forces with vision and humility?

How a Kolkata girl came up with her viral video about Nepal (with video)

Published On: October 17, 2020 04:30 PM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

"I am originally from Calcutta. I got married to a Nepali when I was 21 and then Nepal became my second home. Kathmandu as a city, where my husband lived and later I lived along with him captivated me," she said.

Ostracized by entire village, a family in Siraha fights for justice after their mother is tortured for ‘witchcraft’ (with video)

Published On: October 15, 2020 09:35 AM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

KATHMANDU, Oct 15: Kusundi, a remote village in Siraha district, is gripped by a different kind of fear. It is not the coronavirus pandemic, but 'a witch who can make them fall sick just by an evil spell' that has ‘bothered’ the village people. The villagers avoid passing through a certain house, 'where the witch lives'. Even throwing a glance into the direction of the house is considered a risk.

Expect more rape and murder unless internal security is improved: Experts

Published On: October 5, 2020 10:43 AM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

KATHMANDU, Oct 5: The country is in a state of shock over multiple stories of rape and murder of minors. Experts warn of worse days ahead in terms of the safety of girls and women.

Nepal will never experience load-shedding again: Kulman Ghising

Published On: September 26, 2020 09:25 AM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

Energy Minister Barshaman Pun has urged the people not to worry about the current power cuts as ‘that is just a temporary inconvenience due to incessant rains'

How a successful model overcame depression that almost destroyed her life

Published On: September 25, 2020 05:08 PM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

She competed for Miss Nepal 2018. She worked as a model for a number of beauty and accessory products. Shikshya Sangroula wanted to excel in studies as well. While all this was going on, she was fighting her own battles.

Nepali woman in Bangalore finds hope after horrific acid attack by her husband

Published On: September 12, 2020 09:20 AM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

KATHMANDU, Sept 12: It was the era of the Maoist insurgency, and her village in Achham was not untouched. Minors were joining the rebel forces either willingly or by force. Saraswati Bista was 14. Her parents were worried about her safety. A relative brought a marriage proposal. She tied the knot at 15; with a man from Baitadi who used to work as a watchman in Delhi, India.

Danfe Health’s digital care is supporting corona-infected to stay in home isolation

Published On: August 30, 2020 06:05 PM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

70 patients are receiving service for Rs 200 per day

Sexual harassment in public transportation is rampant, but few victims speak out

Published On: August 27, 2020 08:08 AM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

KATHMANDU, Aug 27: Neeti Khadka*, an undergraduate student, had a horrible experience inside a public bus last year. She was on her way home from college, and a man in his 40s touched her from behind. Both were standing in a crowded bus, heading to Thankot from New Bus Park. He inched closer, wanting to rub his body against hers, as his hands were moving over her shoulder, trying to reach her chest. She tried to push him off but he wouldn't care. She was in tears, and did not know how to react. He started touching her sensitive parts. A woman intervened after a few minutes.

A couple hopes to raise Rs 250 million to treat daughter's SMA

Published On: August 21, 2020 01:32 PM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

KATHMANDU, Aug 21: Her eyes were expressive even as a newborn. Compassion and purity in abundance; this was what the mother felt when she held the tiny life in her arms. Does every baby girl look so enticing or is she obsessed because she’s her daughter? Wondered Aleena Gurung Shrestha, 26. The innocent life however did not keep her happy for long. Siyona Shrestha, now 11-month-old, will die within the next few months if a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA type- 1) is not cured. And the cure is expensive. The family needs at least Rs 250 million ($2.3 million) for the treatment.

Badala Barilai wins millions of hearts; Saput says he wants to be a superhit

Published On: August 7, 2020 01:10 PM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

KATHMANDU, Aug 7: Prakash Saput wanted someone 'who would look like a rapist by appearance' to play a lead role in his project – Badala Barilai. He would however question himself whether rapists or potential rapists look any different from normal people. His quest to find a suitable actor for the story song forced him to try different ways, including a rapid google search. 'Top ten villains of Nepal' he typed and scrolled. He went through the suggestions, one by one. He found Dhruba Koirala, a theatre and movie actor, impressive!

I was forced to file a case. I now feel exempted of that guilt: Durga Devi

Published On: July 31, 2020 05:45 PM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

KATHMANDU, July 31: Durga Devi was getting ready for work at Bhimdatta Municipality when she received a call early this morning today. Eight police officers, against whom she had filed a case for tampering with evidence in the rape and murder of her 13-year-old daughter Nirmala Panta, got a clean chit from the district court yesterday. This is a rare case where the complainant celebrates victory of defendants. Durga Devi was happy to hear of the court verdict. “I am not aware of the details of the complaint back then, but a sense of guilt later bothered me,” she told Republica.

Seventh grader raped and threatened to keep quiet, family fears rapist may walk away scott-free

Published On: July 29, 2020 09:27 AM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

He was just seven when his mother died, and her sister was just a toddler. His bonding with his sister was special, he said over the phone, and then his voice choked. His sister, a seventh grader, was lying in a hospital bed after a six-month pregnancy was aborted.

A father recounts his pain as his daughter’s killer is allowed to walk out of jail

Published On: July 24, 2020 03:45 PM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

KATHMANDU, July 24: He looked exhausted. His memory lane took him to the painful moment while talking about his darling late daughter Geeta Dhakal. With teary eyes and trembling voice, Hareram Dhakal, 72, was just trying to plead the world to pressure for justice as the country's judiciary shattered his faith.

Those found guilty in caste-discrimination cases have never been awarded maximum sentence as per the law

Published On: July 17, 2020 01:00 PM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

KATHMANDU, July 17: Prakash Nepali, lawyer and a lecturer, is not shocked by these numbers: 16 Dalits were killed by non-Dalits in the last decade alone. The latest tragedy in Rukum makes the toll 20, he said. Nepali said that 75 untouchability-related cases have been registered since the Caste-Based Discrimination and Untouchability Act, 2068 was promulgated in 2011. However, not a single case has been established as an untouchability offence, deserving a maximum punishment to the guilty. “Zero percent success in providing justice to Dalits,” said Nepali.

IGP Gyawaly blames coronavirus for delays in Nirmala case

Published On: July 2, 2020 07:40 PM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

KATHMANDU, July 2: When Sarbendra Khanal was the Inspector General of Nepal Police (IGP), Thakur Gyawaly, the current IGP was one of the senior investigating officers deployed to resolve the rape and murder of Nirmala Panta. Both the IGPs had said in interviews in February that the Nirmala case will be a top priority. While Khanal had stated that 'the police has already come to a conclusion on its part and only some legal processes remain for the end result; Gyawaly had asserted that giving justice to Nirmala would be one of his topmost priorities.

Kabir was ready to take Annapurna home. Then a pandemic hit

Published On: June 29, 2020 11:09 AM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

When her neighbors had introduced Annapurna to Republica five months ago, she 'was a woman who had not smiled for over a decade.' The neighbors told us that Annapurna's husband, Kabir, needs to be held responsible for her situation and that action must be taken against him. To the volley of charges against her man, the old fragile-looking lady only gave a mute response. When asked if she wanted him to realize his mistake, she said in a faint voice, “He has sugar, pressure”. It was heart wrenching that Annapurna Rijal, 66, was concerned about Kabir's health. Republica then ran her story in January 2020.

Rihan’s smile brings joy to distressed parents (with video)

Published On: June 26, 2020 03:20 PM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

When Rihan slept for a little longer, Ekta and Sanjeev would check his pulse to see if he had left the world. Whenever he vomited regularly and underwent excess pain, the parents silently prayed for his peaceful end. There was not a single day when Ekta and Sanjeev did not  fear that it could be their last day with their son, Rihan.

Non-Dalits are not shaken to the core; the response is hollow: Dalit youths

Published On: June 17, 2020 12:35 PM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

KATHMANDU, June 17: Their close friends from the non-Dalit community, whenever took them to their house, there would be a deal before they reach the doorstep. “Please don't tell your surname,” the Dalits would be told. Falling in love, accidently or thoughtfully, without being caste conscious is always a nightmare for them. They have dozens of told and untold stories hidden in their souls that continue to haunt them. And the biggest torture is that they know their children will not get any better world to live in.

Animals at Jawalakhel zoo miss humans, others enjoy the peace

Published On: June 10, 2020 11:00 AM NPT By: Anjali Subedi

KATHMANDU, June 10: It has been four decades since Hari Krishna Shrestha, 56, has been feeding and taking care of animals at the central zoo in Jawalakhel. This is the only zoo in the country and is home to dozens of species of mammals, fish, reptiles and birds.  His long association with the precious creatures means he can read their faces. The ongoing lockdown amid the coronavirus threat has affected the species in the zoo; their behavior shows that they are missing humans, said Hari Krishna. He was busy feeding monkeys on Saturday evening.