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January 7, 2019

One who purchases dreams

One who purchases dreams

Be it the sun shining or gloomy clouds hovering in the sky of Patan, the alleys of Krishna Mandir would lead you to Dev Nandhan Choudhary’s open fruit shop. He moved to Kathmandu from Sarlahi as a 22-year-old youth and till this day, he has spent a 27 years of his adulthood serving fruits to the people. From hawking around the city as a fruit seller in his initial days to owning an open-fruit-shop, it seems that these years have treated him well. "The city has earned me diverse people. Some respect my work while some don’t but I have to go on. I was born and brought up in Malang. I visit home during harvesting time but there are reasons for me to come back. My fate led me here and now my familial ambitions make me stay," smiled Choudhary.

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