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Shahin Sunuwar Rasaili

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Published On: June 4, 2019 04:39 PM NPT By: Shahin Sunuwar Rasaili

The Happy Junction

The Happy Junction

People have a lot of grudges against this city. Despite them cursing Kathmandu for being too crowded, dusty, and packed with vehicles, Kathmandu is truly ‘a melting pot of people'. People with different dreams, ambitions and occupations share this city as their home.

Gopal Dai and Sambhu Thakur share the same area for their daily duties. They are put up at Kharkachowk, Makkhan. Gopal Dai is 64. He is a tailor. He has been into this profession for over 40 years. He stitches new and torn clothes. He set his mind to work in Kathmandu and left his home in Dolakha. He travelled all the way to the capital city in pursuit of a good earning. Upon his arrival, Gopal Dai initially carried loads from one point to other.  Later he worked as a tailor. “I have supported to my family with my limited earnings in this profession,” said Gopal.

Next to Gopal, is Sambhu Thakur’s shop. Thakur is a barber, and has set up a small shop there. Gopal Dai and Sambhu have been professional neighbors for more than five years. Thakur hails from Sarlahi. He came to Kathmandu 24 years ago, and started working here. “This is a family occupation; my father passed on the skills to me. I have been making a living out of this occupation. Everybody is into some sort of occupation here in this city. People come from all across the country. They have their own reasons to settle down in the capital. This city accommodates people from different regions and familiarizes them,” says Sambhu Thakur.

As they both work side-by-side, they feel comfortable in seeking each other’s help whenever necessary. Gopal Dai has gets a haircut at Samhu’s while Thakur gets his clothes stitched by Gopal dai. People often gather there (at their shops), talk to one another and share their stories.

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