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Published On: December 31, 2018 06:57 PM NPT By: Shahin Sunuwar Rasaili

A life of struggle and hope

A life of struggle and hope

“What is life to you?” This is probably the most-often asked question. “All my life, I went through pain and sorrow. It’s still the same," said Prem Lal Shrestha, 68. “My parents were out on the field. I was alone at home. I had just started crawling then. Unfortunately, I fell and damaged my leg. One of my legs was disabled after the fall. I lost my parents when I was a three-year old. My aunt (Phupu) raised me. I grew up in Kulekhani. As a teenager, I was taken to India for work, along with my friends from Kulekhani. We worked for three years. Through those years, the owner never gave us money. He instead accused us of having credit. The Indian police rescued us from there. After that, I came to Kathmandu. I worked as a Gatekeeper (Chaukidar ). It has been almost 20 years that I left working. I suffered from different dysfunctions including Uric acid. Recently, I was operated to remove a lump from my leg. It got worse," said Prem lal Shrestha. He could not stand or sit properly. He has to eat standing because of rib dislocation. It has been 36 years that Ganga Shrestha, his wife, has been accompanying him. She is 49. She has been running a shop near Bhotebahal,Pipalbot for around 35 years. She has been serving tea and roti in the shop. “I barely remember the obstacle I went through raising my four children. Happiness resides in being together with my husband and family. I work in my shop from 6 am in the morning. Now that my children have grown up, they have been helping to run the family," said Ganga Shrestha.

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