Building the Road to Wildlife Safety

October 5, 2023 07:40 am

In a laudable move to tackle the growing menace of road accidents and wildlife fatalities due to vehicle-wildlife collisions along the East-West Highway, the Banke National Park has introduced a time card system, marking a significant step towards ensuring the safety of both humans and animals.

KAVREPALANCHOWK, Aug 31: Human-wildlife conflict has persisted for ages. The conflict has escalated to the point where numerous individuals have lost their lives, and many others have been injured in wild animal attacks. Similarly, many wild animals have perished due to human attacks.

Forest Politics, Policy, and People

August 6, 2023 08:45 am

Influenced by geographical and climatic variations, there are at least 54 forests or woodlands identified by the Ecosystem and Forest Types Mapping Program under the Ministry of Forest. Each forest has different physiology, productivity, and disturbance and thus has different timber and non-timber advantages.

One killed in bear attack

January 4, 2023 13:40 pm

Arghakhanchi, Jan 4:  One person has died after being attacked by a bear in Sitganga Municipality.

RANJHA, Nov 10: People residing in the buzzer zone of the Banke National Park (BNP) have wanted election candidates for the House of Representatives (HoR) and Province Assembly to take initiatives to keep them safe from wildlife attacks.

KATHMANDU, April 26: A huge wildfire has broken out in the Thanidada area of ​​Shivapuri National Park in Kathmandu. Helicopters are being used to extinguish the fire that started on Monday.

CHITWAN, March 2: A coordination meeting between wildlife officials from Nepal and India concluded recently.

Vehicles have been lazily stopped in a line at the Amlekhgunj-Pathlaiya road section inside Parsa National Park. At the end of the line, there is a vehicle with a message written on its rear side - "Save Tiger''. However, beside it, a 10-year-old Royal Bengal tiger is seen lying on the road, bleeding from its mouth.

Forests are heavily exploited in Nepal’s Terai region with growing fragmentation of the contiguous expanse of forests in the region. Following the eradication of malaria in the 1960s, large scale migration from the hills to the low-lying region of Terai due to its fertile plains and accessibility has resulted in declining forest cover. For instance, deforestation rates stood at 1.3% per annum between 1979 and 1991. Rapid forest loss and fragmentation has consequently forced megafauna; including tigers, to live in isolated patches and led to declining populations.

JAJARKOT, Jan 3: The Shey Phoksundo National Park, spread over Dolpa and Mugu districts, has recorded significant success in conservation work. This has been possible through the joint effort of the locals and the park management authorities.

KATHMANDU, Dec 23: Gradual loss of jungles and wetlands has continued to take a toll on birds and other wildlife worldwide, and this reflects no less vividly in Nepal, according to ornithologists. Responding to a recently released 2020 red list updates on birds by IUCN, they said that 'single year's update alone may not look that worrisome, but the graph of trend is upsetting.'

16 rhinos die in CNP this fiscal year

November 28, 2020 15:28 pm

With this, 16 rhinos have died in CNP in the current fiscal year. Of them, four were killed by poachers.

Elephant found dead

November 22, 2020 12:37 pm

SAPTARI, Nov 22: A wild elephant has been found dead in Paremara of Ward 5 of Kanchanrup Municipality in Saptari district. The elephant was found dead in a paddy field, east of the Paremara village this morning, according to Bacchu Lal Chaudhary, a local resident.

Community is the key

April 17, 2020 08:13 am

Despite only claiming less than 0.1 percent of the earth’s landmass, Nepal is filled with lessons when it comes to conservation. With 45 percent of Nepal covered under green canopies, we’ve risen well above the global average forest coverage, which was at 30 percent in 2018. And while only 11.6 percent of earth’s terrestrial surface is covered by protected areas, 24 percent of Nepal is under the Government’s Protected Area Network. As we celebrate National Wildlife Week from 13-19 April, let's not forget the underlying fabric for Nepal’s success in conservation: communities.

Act to save wildlife

January 25, 2020 09:55 am

Nepal has a lot of majestic forests. They are all home to hundreds of animals, birds and plants. We have Chitwan National Park, Bardiya National Park and even some forested areas around Mustang. These forests and jungles are even home to extremely rare animals like the snow leopard and greater one-horned rhinoceros, which are found in parts of Russia, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The wildlife lesson

January 12, 2020 07:55 am

Having been selected as one of the candidates in Wildlife Research Techniques Training (WRTT) 2019, I was immensely overwhelmed and excited to explore more about my interest. WRTT is a remarkable training platform for students who are willing to develop a career in wildlife sector. This training is organized annually by Friends of Nature (FON), Nepal which is a renowned organization in the field of wildlife in Nepal. It is youth-led non-governmental, non-profit making, non-political organization working in the field of wildlife, environment and conservation which. The office was registered in 2005 with main aim to conduct research whilst providing environmental education and capacity building programs for youth around country. Wildlife is one of the symbolic features of Nepal and preserving it is very important for overall well-being of the country.

In sync with nature

January 10, 2020 12:55 pm

Nature and wildlife have always been a big part of Karan Giri’s life. With a father who is a naturalist and having born and brought up in Sauraha, very close to nature, it isn’t a surprise that he is a naturalist and a nature photographer today.

Why Visit Nepal?

January 2, 2020 09:00 am

After a long struggle of Nepali people, Nepal promulgated the constitution from the sovereign Constituent Assembly in 2015. Along with the implementation of the constitution, we have been able to end political discrimination and inequality. After the general elections held in 2017, a stable and strong government has been formed under the leadership of Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli. Stable governments have been formed in all of the seven provinces.

DOTI, Dec 16: Heavy snowfall and dipping mercury in Khaptad area has put the wildlife there at the risk of survival. As they move down to warmer areas in the human settlements to avoid the extreme cold, they turn vulnerable, according to Khaptad National Park authorities, who state that the mercury has dipped to minus six degree Celsius in the high hills. The jungles and pasture lands have received over two feet thick snow. It has been raining here since Wednesday.

All of us know have this idea of a perfect place where we would like to live someday. For some, that place might be in laps of the mountains in Switzerland and for others, it could be by the sea in Pondicherry. We all have our reasons for wanting to live where we want to. It could be the cultural influence of the place, the food it is famous for, or simply the fact that we like what we have seen in photos.

NEPALGUNJ, Nov 28: A leopard cub died in a road accident Kohalpur–Babai road section of the Banke National Park. The cub was crossing the road when it was run over by jeep cruising at high speed.

Temple with wildlife: Kalika temple

October 14, 2019 14:31 pm

Located in the heart of Gandaki Province, Kalika Temple has already received hundreds of tourists because of its holy importance. But after the establishment of Wildlife Conservation Park, the number of visitors is even more than usual.

MAHENDRANAGAR, Sept 16: As a small kid, Mohan Negi of Majhagaun village used to see huge wake of vultures fighting around the carcasses of dead animals. He reminisces that these vultures used to very big. He used to get very excited observing these vultures. “I would consider them mightiest among birds; they were so energetic and passionate,” he reminisced.

Who stole the wildlife parts?

August 26, 2019 02:00 am

Nepal’s old palaces, many of which today house government offices, are also the repository of valuable antiques.

Darchula, Aug 10 : Police have arrested an Armed Police Force (APF) constable along with tiger hide from Timurpata of Dugu rural municipality-3 in the district last night.

KANCHANPUR, July 21: Two artificial ponds have been created in Singhapur community forest in Krishnapur municipality. The ponds were created to facilitate drinking water for the protected wildlife in the forest.

JOHANNESBURG, June 16: One of Africa’s largest wildlife preserves is marking a year without a single elephant found killed by poachers, which experts call an extraordinary development in an area larger than Switzerland where thousands of the animals have been slaughtered in recent years.

Call of the wild

June 16, 2019 01:30 am

Every human being has a responsibility toward nature as we exist only due to the gifts that nature has bestowed on us

KATHMANDU, June 9: Culture, adventure, spirituality, wildlife, and MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) will be the major attractions for Visit Nepal Year 2020, according to Suraj Vaidya, national coordinator for Visit Nepal 2020.

RASUWA, June 6: Langtang National Park (LNP) on Wednesday distributed relief to the victims of wildlife on the occasion of the World Environment Day.

CHITWAN, May 29: In the past, the number of people serving jail terms for wildlife crimes was comparatively more than those committing social crimes.

RATNANAGAR, May 19: The wildlife hospital set up at Sauraha of the Chitwan National Park is yet to come into operation for the delay in supply of equipment.

AMARGADHI, May 14: Dadeldhura, a district in the Far-West State, has reported multiple incidences of the forest fire. With the rise in temperature, most community forests here are caught by fire. Young plants have been destroyed in the several fires which continue to pose threat to other wildlife as well.

JAJARKOT, May 11: A team of experts from the National Nature Conservation Trust has reached Dolpa and Jumla for the study of endangered wildlife, herbs, and religious and touristy places.

CHITWAN, May 4: A wildlife underground passage (under pass) is being constructed along the Narayangadh- Butwal road section in course of its expansion. Currently, wildlife are using culverts and bridges to cross the road.

BANEPA, April 30: Gokul Bajagain, a farmer from Kakre village of Banepa, regrets his decade-old decision to conserve the forest. Back then, forest conservation felt like a very wise act. But now the number of wild animals in the forest have proliferated that the same forest has become a source of worry to him. , and he has no means to address the problem.

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BIRGUNJ, April 28: The number of wild animals facing unnatural deaths from being struck by speedy vehicles on the Pathlaiya-Amlekggunj road section along the East-West Highway in Bara.

Bettering environmental governance

April 21, 2019 02:05 am

Nepal is currently celebrating National Wildlife Week with the theme ‘Let’s unite for wildlife conservation’. As the celebrations continue, we should perhaps think of ways to bridge the gaps that might be coming in the way of making this slogan a reality. And environmental governance at the local level is one such area that needs immediate attention.

TAPLEJUNG, April 20: The construction of a much talked-about Himalayan Research Center in Khambachen of Taplejung for the study of snow leopards and other wild animals has not been confirmed even after three years of its announcement.

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BANKE, April 17: Drying up of water sources has posed a threat to wildlife in the Banke National Park. The national park, however, was established some nine years ago for the expansion of the habitat of wild cat.

The end of the tigers?

April 17, 2019 09:00 am

Over the past 500 years, hundreds animals’ species have become extinct – they have disappeared from Earth for ever. In many cases this is because the animals have been haunted by humans, or the areas where they lived have been destroyed.

LONDON, April 11: With stunning scenery of Africa and some talking wildlife, Disney dropped its first full length trailer for its realistic-looking remake of “The Lion King” on Wednesday, offering a glimpse of the highly anticipated film.

BANEPA, April 8: Nawaraj Sapkota, a local farmer of Panauti municipality-3, Telmale, Kushadevi was forced to quit his occupation after growing wild rampage lately.

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RANJHA, March 24: Wild animals inside the Banke National Park are frequently killed in road accidents as they have to cross the East-West highway to reach the Rapti river due to the lack of adequate sources of water inside the park area.

Protect our wildlife

February 21, 2019 06:32 am

Amidst largely despairing news on politics and governance, there is something to inspire optimism in the field of wild life conservation.

Doubling wild tigers

December 8, 2018 00:30 am

Nepal has made notable progress in saving endangered wild cats from extinction and in nearly doubling their number just in nine years

LAHAN, Nov 1: During the last local and provincial elections, one of the promises that almost all political parties and leaders made was prioritizing the conservation of nature and wildlife, especially the Chure range. They stated that the Chure range ecosystem had been badly damaged and vowed to take measures to put an end to activities that were deteriorating the ecosystem further. Deforestation and mining of aggregates, sand and stones from river beds and mountains in the Chure region were put forward as the major factors damaging the range’s ecosystem and politicians had pledged to put an end to such activities.