KATHMANDU, July 14: Nepal’s stock market failed to extend gains from the previous week as index ended all five trading days lower. Despite opening with strong gains on Sunday, the market pulled back sharply to close marginally lower. Similarly, the index experienced significant weakness in all following session of the week. As a result, Nepse closed at 1,191.98 points with a drop of 32.43 points compared to preceding week.

KATHMANDU, July 12: Paddy transplantation in eastern tarai districts is lower this season compared to other parts of the country. According to the report, paddy transplantation has been done on 30,625 hectares of land in Jhapa, 13,200 hectares in Morang, 11,000 hectares in Sunsari, 8,100 hectares in Saptari and 10,145 hectares in Siraha so far.

KATHMANDU, July 3: The benchmark Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index lost 10 points early on Monday's trading but staged a comeback mid-session with the index recouping all its losses during the day. However, stocks came under pressure in the final trading hour with the index closing 4.82 points lower at a three-month low of 1,179.71 points.

KATHMANDU, June 30: Stocks came under pressure throughout the week as the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index finished nearly 20 points lower compared to the past week.

KATHMANDU, June 25: Today's session of the House of Representatives, the Lower House in the Federal Parliament, continued discussions over the Appropriation Bill- 2075 BS.

KATHMANDU, June 13:The House of Representatives, the lower house in the bicameral Federal Parliament, began discussions above different headings of the Appropriation Bill-2075 BS.

KATHMANDU, June 9: The government has aimed to suppress recurrent expenditure but has projected a whopping growth of capital expenditure in the next three fiscal years.

Lower House gets regulations

June 9, 2018 01:45 am

KATHMANDU, June 8: Ending a months-long impasse over a provision on the suspension of lawmakers, parliament on Friday endorsed the House of Representatives Regulations, with a provision barring a lawmaker from parliamentary privilege, perks and facilities instead of suspension from his or her post upon being arrested for a criminal offence or any other offence liable to incur a jail term of three years or more.

In years with hotter weather pupils are likely to perform less well in exams, says a major study from researchers at Harvard and other US universities.

Shares close lower amid CGT woes

June 5, 2018 03:00 am

KATHMANDU, June 5: Nepali stocks ended broadly lower on Monday as talks between representatives from investor associations and government regarding the recent changes in Capital Gains Tax (CGT) ended inconclusively.

KATHMANDU, June 2: After declining on the first trading day of the week, stocks staged a comeback on the second day as the benchmark index surged more than 35 points on the day. However, despite much anticipation, announcement of government budget failed to uphold market sentiments throughout the latter sessions.

People with annual earnings of up to Rs 450,000 will have to pay only 1% social security tax for Rs 350,000 and 10% of the remaining Rs 100,000. Under this taxation, the total income tax on annual income of Rs 450,000 will be Rs 13,500.

KATHMANDU: The sole equity market of Nepal experienced continuous decline throughout the week with the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index dropping 1.60 percent to close at 1,318.22 points. Sensitive index which accounts for the performance of Class 'A' stocks declined 1.56 percent to 277.89 points.

KATHMANDU, May 25: Several leaders from the Maoist faction of the Nepal Communist Party (NCP) have accused the party leadership of nominating  central committee member on an ad hoc basis, undermining the party’s long-honored tradition of ensuring fair representation for women, Dalits, Madhesis, Muslims and other excluded communities.

SHANGHAI, May 24: Asian shares moved lower on Thursday as investors fretted about new setbacks in U.S.-China trade talks, but negative sentiment was tempered by U.S. Federal Reserve meeting minutes suggesting it would not raise the tempo at which it increases interest rates.

KATHMANDU, May 22: Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index made a partial recovery on Monday after hitting an intraday low of 2.06 points during midday trading. The benchmark index closed the day at 1337.13 points.

KATHMANDU, May 7: Nepalis in India are still paying five times higher telephone call tariff for calling home, compared to the call rates from Nepal to India.

BOAO, April 10: Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday promised to open the country’s economy further and lower import tariffs on products including cars, in a speech that comes amid rising trade tensions between China and the United States.

KATHMANDU, April 5: Minister for Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa 'Badal' has said that the government was serious to lessen the loss of lives and physical property in disasters.

KATHMANDU, March 30: A meeting of the House of Representatives today endorsed an ordinance presented to amend (first) the Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons (CIEDP) and Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Act.

KATHMANDU, Mar 7: The meetings of the lower and upper houses of parliament held separately on Tuesday fixed the date for the election of the speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) and chairman of the National Assembly (NA).

KATHMANDU, March 6: A meeting of the House of Representatives today constituted the 'House of Representatives Rules Drafting Committee'. The 13-member committee comprises Krishnabhakta Pokhrel, Juli Kumari Mahato, Dilendra Prasad Badu, Dev Prasad Gurung, Prem Suwal and Brijesh Kumar Gupta.

KATHMANDU, Feb 24: A group of five financial institutes led by Laxmi Bank Ltd and Swet Ganga Hydropower and Construction Company has signed a facility agreement to finance the 28.1 MW run-of-the-river Lower Likhu Hydro Project, on Thursday.

SEOUL, Feb 12: South Korea said on Monday it will try to arrange more reunions for families divided by the Korean War and seek to lower military tensions with North Korea as the first steps towards establishing grounds for a rare summit between the two Koreas.

KATHMANDU, Feb 10: More than two months after the parliamentary elections, the Election Commission (EC) on Friday announced the proportional representation (PR) results for the lower house.

EC in fix over PR seats for lower house

December 29, 2017 05:00 am

KATHMANDU, Dec 29: Polarization among the political parties over the modality for electing the National Assembly has put the Election Commission (EC) in a fix over the allocation of proportional representation seats for the lower house of parliament.

KATHMANDU, Nov 30: The Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court issued a show cause notice to government authorities today, demanding the reason why the Black Marketing and Some Other Public Crimes and Punishment Act, 1975 was amended to reduce the jail sentence for black marketers.

TANAHU, Nov 22: Preliminary survey of 105-megawatt Lower Seti (Tanahu) Hydropower Project has begun.

TOKYO, OCT 22: Voting in a general election started Sunday that would most likely hand Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s right-wing ruling coalition a victory and possibly close to a two-thirds majority in parliament.

KATHMANDU, July 14: The Nepali Congress (NC) has decided to fly the party flag at half-mast for three days to mourn the passing of its senior leader Ramhari Joshi.

KATHMANDU, April 26: CPN UML's Provincial Committee at Province 3 has recommended five names to party's standing committee to pick a mayor candidate in Kathmandu Metropolitan Cityin the upcoming local elections.

Lower Tadi Hydro project begins

April 19, 2017 18:54 pm

NUWAKOT, April 19: A dam construction for the lower Tadi Hydro Electricity Project has begun in the Tadi River in district.

NEWYORK, April 15: Exposure to higher levels of air pollution may increase cardiovascular disease risk by lowering levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), commonly known as “good” cholesterol, says a study.

KATHMANDU (REPUBLICA) Vice President of Bundestag (lower house of German parliament) Claudia Roth is arriving in Kathmandu on a three-day official visit to Nepal on April 9.

TOKYO (AP) — Asian stocks were mostly lower Thursday, as the region nervously watched for market-moving news from the first meeting between the U.S. and Chinese leaders.

KATHMANDU, March 13: Preparatory work for Lower Hongu Khola Hydropower Project (29.5 MW) and Inkhu Khola Hydropower Project (22 MW) is going on in full swing.

PHALEBAS, Oct 3:The construction of a tunnel for the 20-megawatt lower Modi Hydropower Project based in Parbat that was halted due to workers' strike has resumed.

KATHMANDU, Sept 13: Water level in the Kulekhani reservoir was 1,518.6 meter, out of the total capacity of 1530.12 meters, on Sunday, indicating that power generation won't improve this year too.

KATHMANDU, July 19: With senior Nepal Police personnel cornering the lion's share of the training provided and the huge numbers of rank and file sidelined, the National Police Academy (NPA) has now come up with a new training module to shift the focus of training to the lower ranks.

Upper and lower Dolpa disconnected

July 10, 2016 12:38 pm

DOLPA, July 10: The connection between upper and lower Dolpa has been disrupted after a wooden bridge over the Byasgad Rivulet at Lawan VDC was swept away by overnight floods.

NEW DELHI, July 5: India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expanded his Cabinet by inducting 19 new ministers, several of them from lower castes, as he completed two years in office.

BAITADI, June 18: A student has committed suicide for securing lower letter grading in SLC result.

KATHMANDU, April 22: The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the parliament on Friday launched investigation into a decision to award the contract to build Solu Corridor Transmission Line Project, directing all concerned to stop project's work until further notice.