A broken, washed-up genius is roused from drink-sodden seclusion for one last flaring of creative brilliance: actor Johnny Depp hinted that at some level he was able to identify with legendary photographer W Eugene Smith, whom he plays in his latest film.

Finding and telling stories

July 12, 2019 10:29 am

“If you look closely enough, you will see that it’s very easy to find and read stories around us,” says Bidhya Chapagian, one of the founders of the YouTube channel Herne Katha. The channel exclusively uploads videos that make up a web series – that is also titled Herne Katha – that features gripping stories of Nepalis living ordinary lives.

Actress Bella Thorne, who recently tweeted topless photos of herself after a hacker threatened to leak her nude pictures, told fans that she is soon going to find "the guy". Along with the screenshots related to the investigation, the actor posted an Insta story on which she wrote, "Getting closer to finding this guy."

Finding time for fitness

July 20, 2018 08:15 am

Remember stolen moments here and there do add up. While most experts recommend working out at least 30 minutes a day, we realize that squeezing in half an hour of exercise and taking it up to an hour a day might not be possible for many who have to go to work and have tens of other things to tackle on a daily basis. But that’s no reason to lose heart and give up on exercise altogether.

Finding hope

July 14, 2018 10:20 am

“Hope is like the sun, which as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.”    - Samuel Smiles

Finding the ‘fun’ in funny

June 8, 2018 09:20 am

Aayush Shrestha, a stand-up comedian, is slowly becoming increasingly popular among urban youths. He is known for connecting the world of humor to bigger issues such as politics, caste hierarchy, and international relations. He says he likes making jokes on politics and all other socially inappropriate issues because, apparently, he has no time for creative content.

Finding the diamond within

March 29, 2018 08:56 am

It was an evening like no other. It was a talk like no other. And it was an invitation to do something that most of the 'modern' men and women would have no time to do.

Finding strength in differences

December 16, 2017 12:46 pm

KATHMANDU, Dec 16: In order to promote the idea of religious harmony, a silent play titled ‘Mukti’ was enacted by Abiral- The Arts Group at Hotel Himalaya, Kupandole, Lalitpur on Friday. Altogether 11 artists showcased the play portraying the fundamental roles of religious leaders in raising their voices against social malpractices performed in the name of religious faith.

Finding place to be

August 31, 2017 08:30 am

KATHMANDU: When we think about a dream house, a nice, open space with high-end furniture and a lawn to relax in the evening comes to our minds. But with the rampant house construction in Kathmandu, it has become nearly impossible to see a space that fits the description.

KATHMANDU, August 28: Candidate selection for the upcoming Province 2 civic polls is proving tough, even messy, for most political parties with multiple factions jostling to secure their candidacies for the historic polls.

Finding happiness

August 11, 2017 12:59 pm

The first rays of the sun, the sound of birds chirping, or a cup of good coffee, there are little things that manage to cheer us up no matter how jam packed our schedule is for that day or how difficult the day has been. But, often times, we get so caught up in things that we fail to count our blessings and be happy. The Week’s Swasti Gautam & Ashma Chhetri had a few people name the three things that make them happy on a daily basis. Their answers might make you grateful for the very same things in your life or have you thinking about your little sources of happiness. Either way, our mission will have been accomplished.

Finding the fun in monsoon

July 7, 2017 10:06 am

It seems weather is just one of those things we will invariably complain about. Either it is too hot, too cold or, like these days, too wet. And we agree anybody who can’t afford to laze around at home has every right to complain. For most us, the puddles and muddy trails begin right from the gate of our homes. But to paraphrase some wise man or woman (#feminism), “You always have a choice.”

KATHMANDU: We have a tendency to continuously drift between the present and the past. Rarely do we live for the present, without really regretting the past or being anxious about the future. Similarly, qualities of our lives are dependent upon external variables. For instance, if something does not go according to our plan or goes haywire, we get disturbed inside and shelter negative emotions that impact the lives, sapping our energy in the process.

Finding a presence on YouTube

June 12, 2017 09:51 am

It is no surprise that we spend most of our times on the internet. With the internet providing even more diverse kinds of content, spending time on the internet has further helped the proliferation of the internet. Today, one of the most visited sites on the internet would be YouTube and because of this, a strong community of YouTube content consumers as well as YouTube creators has made their way to the platform.

BAGLUNG, June 8: The family of a boy, who had reportedly gone missing in his attempt to get away with police arrest on the charge of possessing illegal drug, shut Baglung district headquarters today, demanding that the whereabouts of the boy be found at the earliest.

POKHARA, May 10: Nepali Congress central member and Health Minister, Gagan Thapa, has claimed that responsibility of finding an outlet to the country from the existing confusion by enforcing the constitution has come upon the shoulders of the Nepali Congress.

Search engines have long been blamed for providing easy access to pirated content. Efforts made by copyright holders to curtail the problem have been in vain, causing billions of dollars in losses to the entertainment industry.

TV show host Ellen DeGeneres, whose voice featured in "Finding Dory", has used the 2016 animated film to criticize US President Donald Trump's immigration ban.

Finding your match

November 25, 2016 10:24 am

Tinder is a social search service application that needs Facebook to create your profile, and uses location services to facilitate communication between mutually interested users in the same locality, allowing matched users to chat. It is one of the most commonly used dating apps that get more than one billion swipes every day.

Finding your creative vision

November 18, 2016 10:50 am

A graduate in BFA Graphic Communication from Kathmandu University (KU), Aayusha Shrestha has been designing gold plated brass jewelry under the brand name AAMO for a little over a year now. And the handcrafted pieces have gained quite the reputation and popularity to boot. Each piece of AAMO jewelry, in its perfect fusion of the traditional and the contemporary, carries a story of Nepal and its history and heritages, which is why they are unique and refreshing.

Jumla potatoes finding good market

October 18, 2016 09:30 am

JUMLA, Oct 18: Traders from different parts of the country are reaching Jumla to purchase potato grown by local farmers.

Women finding festivals less tedious

October 8, 2016 08:35 am

KATHMANDU, Oct 7: Although in the past, festivals meant additional work for women, the scenario is gradually changing. In recent years, they face less hassles and a more liberal family environment.

Finding new pastures in Nepali cinema

September 3, 2016 11:46 am

KATHMANDU, Sept 2: To director Suraj Bhushal his new film ‘Gaatho’ is an outcome of his filmmaking principle to never be repetitive.

KATHMANDU, June 30: German donors have accused Ramesh Dhamala, chairman of Children's Welfare Organization (CWO), Dhading of misusing donations provided by them for the education of orphans.

KATHMANDU, June 29: Leaders from the ruling CPN-UML and main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) are inching closer to finding a common ground to resolve their dispute over the criteria to distribute grant amounts to earthquake victims to rebuild their houses destroyed in earthquakes last year.

Experts say eventually everything comes down to knowing what to research and how to do it. Republica has gathered some guidelines that can help students evaluate potential colleges through exploration before applying for it.