Finding the fun in monsoon

Published On: July 7, 2017 10:06 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

It seems weather is just one of those things we will invariably complain about. Either it is too hot, too cold or, like these days, too wet. And we agree anybody who can’t afford to laze around at home has every right to complain. For most us, the puddles and muddy trails begin right from the gate of our homes. But to paraphrase some wise man or woman (#feminism), “You always have a choice.” 

A bit dramatic? Sure, these words may have once been uttered for more profound reasons, but The Week shall use it as a preface for our list of how you can make the most of monsoon. Because really, what’s the point in whining?
If you promise not to get squeamish about getting some mud on you, we will show you some really interesting ways to indulge yourself this rainy season. 

Get behind the wheel
Your first instinct during the rainy season may be to not get out as much. “I certainly shouldn’t be risking getting the car all mangled by the treacherous, muddy roads,” you may say to yourself. But please do trust us when we say the effort you will need to put into cleaning the car later is totally worth the view in monsoon. Those who do treat themselves to long drives will surely vouch for it.

Long drives are really the best during this kind of wet season. The air is clean and cool. But that’s just not it, alongside the perpetual soft breeze, there is also the greens of paddy fields, wheat fields or even any random vegetation. Soothing, really, is the word that describes it. 

What’s more, you don’t even need to go that far. An hour or two’s drive to Sankhu or Khokana will show you just what we are talking about. Even though these places don’t boast anything special during other seasons, in monsoon their scenery can help you recharge and relax. 

On the other hand, if you have the time to stretch your travels, why not visit waterfalls around our valley as well. Remember, they only come alive in monsoon. Jhor Mahakal and Sundarijal are two of the most popular options. 

Develop your photography skills
We know the popular advice is to wait for the rain to clear up and the sun to reemerge. However, remember all those monsoon photos on Pinterest and Instagram? 
It’s apparent that rain can make locations appear more scenic and monuments more artsy. The colors are more vibrant and rainy days also seem to offer more vantage points. There is a certain element of romanticism to the photos. So, do you really want to miss this opportunity?

Whether you are a DSLR owner or just another person with a smart phone that has impressive megapixels, just put your equipment to use. It could be a close up of the water droplets on a flower or a wide shoot of the drenched streets, incorporate people, props, location, and of course the rain. You might be surprised how the vibes of this season can give your photos an extra dimension. It’s a wonderful chance to get creative as well as work on your skills.

Kick start on your dream garden 
It’s not hard to notice that plants are fond of rainwater. During this season, it’s not just our gardens but actually the whole city that becomes livelier and greener. 
So if you have always wanted to up your game as a homemaker and start on a garden and make it the source of envy of your neighbors, monsoon is a very good time to start. Seeds tend to grow fast into seedling in the rainy season. As an amateur, you will surely appreciate your patience not being tested. In fact even the vegetative parts that are sown grow fast into new plants. 

As long as you pay attention to a couple of gardening basics like draining off excess water, removing the weeds and algae, pruning and trimming and exposing your plants to enough sunlight, you shall be greeted with a clean, lush, and green garden every time you return home.

Momo-making party, a football match...Make memories
You may call it clichéd but they have been done so many times for very good reasons, and it’s how you have fun in monsoon. The season may be notorious for literally raining on our parade, putting a damper (again literally) on our plans but what if we use it to have our own share of fun. All you will need is friends, family, good food and a will to get drenched. Just because you are all grown up, you don’t need to be uptight all the time. 

Remember splashing around in muddy fields, chasing a football around? Remember all the fun you had? Well, it still is. Try it out with your wife, cousins, friends, nephews and nieces, and anybody you can drag along. This is the season to go for it. 

Rainy days also call for certain kind of food. We can all agree on that. Steaming plates of momo, crisp pakoras; why not gather the ones you love or at least can tolerate and have some steaming conversation with good food. You can go through old photographs or play board games (The Week highly recommends Jenga) and just spend some quality time. In other words, make memories. 

The ideas are aplenty and you must have a few proposals of your own. The point is just don’t let the rain bog you down. 

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