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Published On: May 16, 2019 10:00 AM NPT By: Nirajan Rijal

The THREE news of my LIFE

The THREE news of my LIFE

That day, I got up right on time and took the metro and went to my University. Three of my other 3 friends were already in the University Starbucks café. I entered the bistro, and as usual, I took a gander at the corner. She always used to sit there. I smiled at her. She tucked her hair behind her ear and grinned back to me. I joined the table with 3 friends of mine – Joseph (White guy), Rooney (Black guy) and next was from Vietnam (Roy).We were conversing with one another. All of abrupt, Rooney's telephone rang and he went out and returned following a couple of minutes. I noticed his eyes,  theywere red. I asked him if he had taken drugs again. He assured me that will be his last, and from next week he will be joining his father’s business.

After having coffee, we went out. Roy and Rooney went to their business class. Joseph and me went towards the bowling club. That day Joseph was quiet. I asked him – what happened to him. He shared me about his break up with his girlfriend, likewise about his parent’s relationship as they were heading for divorce the next month. I took a long breathe and prayed to god to solve all his problems. After the classes, I wenthome, as usual, cooked a fewsustenance and started watching the American series ‘Lucifer’. Suddenly, I got a call from Roy. He sounds disturbed. His visa was going to expire and if it got expired, he has to go back to his home.

After few days, I was going to Chicago to my brother’s wedding. The radio was on. I was tuning in to some Spanish music. Suddenly, the music stopped and breaking news started. Breaking news started hitting the radio: “The American Airlines Flight 77 aircraft smashed into the western side of the Pentagon at 09:37 EDT. Many people witnessed the crash. Many people are running here and there, we can still hear the sound, oh…wait…wait, next plane is coming…oh ..oh…it also hits…” I got frightened. My mobile started vibrating, there was a message from Roy, it said that he got a job so he did not need to leave USA. He got a working visa. I kept the phone. I was happy for my friend Roy but, I was in shock by 9/11 news. I inquired if Joseph and Rooney were safe. Both of their phones were switched off. I called Roy, he also did not pick up. After some time, he called me back. He was crying. He gave me another 2 news. I was stunned. I was not able to drive. I stopped my car at the side, and I just sat there, I did not move for an hour. I did not go to my brother's marriage. I simply turned the car back.

I will never forget that day. I got 3 news that day – Roy got a job and his visa got  extended. Rooney was in his father’s office at Pentagon. And, there was a deadliest mass shooting in our University and Joseph was the one with the gun.  

(Based On Some Real Facts)


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