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Published On: December 31, 2018 02:49 PM NPT By: Nirajan Rijal




 Like usual, today a normal morning. I make my coffee, pour it in a cup and push the wheels of my wheelchair my handI go next to the window. It was already 20 years, when the Axis powers had fought against the Allies Powers. I represented the Allies. I always remember that period.


I saw her for the first time. She was in a nursing practice class and I was a cleaner in the same hospital. I always used to clean the floor of the nursing class from 3pm – 5 pm. My work period was till 4:30 pm but, I used to stay a little longer just to see her. Her name was Kiara. She was the most beautiful lady of that batch. One day, it was raining heavily. All girls came inside the class with umbrellas in their hands. I was cleaning the room. However, floor again got wet because of water dropping from their umbrellas. She looked at me. I took a glance at her. She grinned. I smiled back and left the room. That day, I stayed back in the building because of heavy rain. Suddenly the bell rang. My heart also started beating faster. Kiara was coming out of the class. She came out, opened her umbrella and looked towards me and said “Do you want to go somewhere. I have an umbrella? You can walk with me.” I went with her. We talked to one another and became friends. We used to meet after her classes. We began cherishing each other’s company. One day, I was strolling with Kiara in the street, talking to her about my family members. Suddenly, 6 military aircrafts flew above us. A number of ambulances began arriving at the hospital.

I got a feeling, “The day has come when I have to join the army”. The year was 1941. All girls studied nursing and the boys joined the army to fight for their nation. Like all other young boys, I was also moving toward the train station with my army’s bag pack. Till today, I can remember that voice very clearly. Someone was calling me: “Joseph…Joseph”. I looked back and that was Kiara. She ran toward me and hugged me. Then she said that she would miss me. She took out a small flag from her bag and gave it to me as gift. I did not have anything to give her back, so I took out the chain on my neck and gave it to her. She smiled and wore that neck chain. She told me that she would wait for me. I went to the war and she returned to the hospital. She used to work in the hospital where injured armies were treated.

We used to write letters to one another. The war was at its peak in 1945. We were victorious. However we lost a considerable lot of our friends. Firstly I fought in the battleground where I also shot many people. Later, I killed many with bullets and bombs from planes. I lost one of my leg and 2 fingers of my right hand. I returned from war and ran towards the hospital where Kiara was working. But, when I reached there, I could only see ruins of the hospital filled with smoke and dirt. Bodies were lying on the ground. I ran here and there. I screamed calling her name "Kiara...Kiara" At the corner I could see some shiny thing. I went near and could see the neck chain. The neck chain was lying on the body's clothes. I approached near the body trembling. When I pulled it, the body did not have a head.


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