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Published On: June 21, 2019 12:05 PM NPT By: Nirajan Rijal

2 minutes

2 minutes

It was a Rainy day and I was waiting for the bus to arrive. All of a sudden, drops of rain started to fall on the ground. They were striking my eardrums. Kids were running to go to school in their raincoats. Some dapper looking gentlemen were rushing toward a building with their umbrellas. In the corner of the station, there was a girl in a blue umbrella. Her face was covered with her umbrella. She stretched out her hands and fingers to touch the raindrops. She was shivering because of cold, and yet wanted to feel the coolness of raindrops. I was looking at her expressions when she was feeling the rain droplets on her hand. I could not take my eyes off her. "Oh, does God also want us to meet?" These words rushed in my mind. A strong wind blew her umbrella away. Her umbrella flew toward me. I ran and aught her umbrella. I was bending down to hold it; I smiled as I could see her steps approaching me. For a moment, I started to shiver since I now had to face her. Of course, I was excited, but I was still nervous. I slowly stood up hoping to see that beautiful face. But that beautiful face looked way more beautiful when it had a smile on it. She thanked me. I was mesmerized with what was going on and wanted it to last forever.

We boarded the same bus. She signaled me to go to the next seat. Then she sat near me and said: "I love this music". I reminded her that there was no music played around. She looked at me and said, “The rhythm that these raindrops are making." I loved the way she cleared herself. She continued" Rain music, listen when it strikes the window, it sounds like someone hitting on a drum and when it hits the grass, it sounds like maracas and, on the pitch road it creates music of soft drum.” She went on and on. I was interested in her talks and was craving for more.


We got off the bus. All of a sudden, she ran across the road. a small puppy was all wet and struggling in the rain. She picked the wet dog, caressed him and put him in her lap. her mobile fell on the road and she was unknown about this. I didn’t know her name so, I shouted loudly – “Hey...Your phone”. She heard me. She thanked me with a sweet gesture. She turned back to pick the mobile. But, suddenly a speeding car approached her quickly. It lost control and hit her. She fell on the road. She looked at me with a blood-shed face. I rushed toward her and tried getting a cab to take her to the hospital.

       May be it was humanity, or love, or friendship, I do not know. I just ran toward her.

Because from the past 2 minutes, I was the only person she knew.


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