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Published On: May 24, 2019 11:00 AM NPT By: Nirajan Rijal

Girl in the sketch

Girl in the sketch

Rain is drizzling outside the police headquarter. The Police chief and some investigation officers are having a meeting in a soundproof room. Other police are working outside the room. The police headquarter is quiet, all are focused on their work. Suddenly, the telephone rings- Tring Tring.Police constable gets the telephone. He remains silent for some time with telephone on his ear. His eyes become wide and he runs towards meeting room and knocks on the door. He enters in the room and reports that- “one girl just called and told that she has been kidnapped by a serial killer for whom the police were looking.” Police chief asks him whether she has given any other details. Police constable replies- “she informed about the location only" Police chief, constable and other troop run towards police van and rush towards the provided location.

The evening is so quiet; all policemen are around the old building with the gun in their grasp pointing towards an entryway of the building. Small drops of rain are tumbling from the sky (tip-tip-tip “sound of rain”). Policemen clear the rain droplets from their forehead and focus on their target. One girl comes out of that old building. Huge lights are turn on and focus on girl. She looks very scary as well as innocent. She has worn white tears out long skirt. Her clothes are grimy, tears are falling from her eyes, her hair looks very messy. Police troops checks inside the building. There is nothing except big rope, two pair of heel shoes and black lipsticks. The Police take her to Police station; ladies’ constable cleans her and takes her to Custody Room in order to ask her about the criminal (Serial killer). When Police asks her about the Serial killer – “How does he look like?” She answers in an exceptionally honest voice


Police chief calls the sketcher. Sketcher comes inside with his drawing paper and pencil. The girl looks at the sketcher and she grins. Sketcher starts to sketch but, Girl starts laughing in a very abnormal way and rolls her hair with her fingers. It seems that she is trying to flirt with the sketcher- “You are very handsome, what is your name, mine is Jenna”. Sketcher feels uncomfortable and he goes out of the room and drinks water. Jenna begins snickering and continues giggling. He comes in and requests her to describe the face of Serial killer. Jenna starts describing and sketcher sketches it out. But, the sketcher gets frightened after completing the sketch and calls the police chief to show the picture. When police chief looks the sketch - Shockingly the sketch is similar to her own face(Jenna’s face). The only difference is that the girl on the sketch has shorter hair and blue eyes as compared to Jenna. Then Jenna slowly looks towards sketcher and the Police chief. They both seems shocked and frightened, Jenna looks them laughs out loud in a very scary way.

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