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Published On: February 22, 2019 02:27 PM NPT By: Nirajan Rijal

I found the witch of my dream

I found the witch of my dream

I am writing my novel based on a real story. But before moving to the real facts, I will be expounding on my recurring dreams. I used to see the same dream every night, but that night I saw her face – The forest was so dark and I heard voices of girls crying. I began moving toward the voice. Suddenly, I saw two mirrors hanging on the tree. Gradually, I approached the mirror. When I looked at the mirror, I discovered something black, red dirt on my shirts. I moved toward the mirror to clean the dirt on it. All of sudden, I saw the face of a young lady, soft with a gentle expression. Suddenly, she starts crying and to my surprise, blood starts rolling from her eyes rather than tears. I screamed and turned back. Suddenly, I woke up from my sleep.

That day, I was going for trekking to Machhapuchhre base camp. So, I packed my bag and went to Pokhara and from there we left for Hemja. I started to move towards the base camp. I was strolling through the woods. Suddenly, I heard the voices of girls who were laughing. However, I could not refrain myself from going towards that noise. So, I decided to move inside the forest and I saw that two girls were looking at their mobiles and chuckling. I took a long breath. But, suddenly when one girl looked at me, I was stunned. She was the girl who I saw in my dream. She drew closer to me and greeted me. She said, “Hi! My name is Jenna and she is Senna. We are from Greece. We lost our way. Can you help us?” I was shocked for a while.  Yet her voice was so beautiful like a normal person’s. Why was I thinking that she was the girl from my dream? I grinned back to her and took them with me on the trek. We were moving toward the cliffs. All of sudden we heard voices – ‘Bokshi… Bokshi’. We joined the crowd. A woman was sitting on the floor. She was crying. Senna asked me what was happening there. I asked an old Nepali man and translated back to Senna and Jenna – ‘They are saying that she is a witch. She ate her own husband.  Many fell sick when they ate and drank at her tea shop.’ Jenna and Senna were shocked. Jenna replied, “But, that can be a coincidence or maybe because of any other viral diseases. How one can believe in such nonsense that witch will do such things”. I tried to calm the crowd. But someone came on a motorbike with a witch doctor (Jhakri). The witchdoctor performed some rituals and further said, “She is very malevolent, you people need to burn her tomorrow morning with the sunrise. Everybody started clapping. Then, they attacked that woman and locked her inside a room. The Witchdoctor and person on the motorbike decided to rest outside the room and look after her. I decided to move to our camp. Jenna and Senna said that they were tired and wanted to stay at that village for the night. Furthermore, the three of us stayed at a hotel near the house where the woman was locked.

At midnight, Jenna and Senna suddenly woke up. I heard their footsteps. I tailed them. They went to that house. They approached the witchdoctor and the other guy. Jenna and Senna called them by their names. The witchdoctor was shocked. Jenna went near the witch doctor and spoke something in his ear. He was instantly scared. I got surprised by seeing how these girls from Greece were talking to the witchdoctor in Nepali. The witchdoctor asked them to forgive him. He and the other guy handed over the keys to Jenna and Senna. The witch doctor then took out a box of white paint from his sack and wrote on the wall of the house in his local language – ‘She is just a widow, not a witch. She is a normal person like us’. Witchdoctor and his friend.

The witchdoctor and his friend fled from thevillage. Jenna opened the door, went in, and handed over some money and food to the woman.  . All of a sudden, Jenna and Senna turned back. They felt like someone was watching them. I ran back to the hotel and acted as if I was asleep. I heard footsteps approaching me. Senna came near me and said-‘What was the point in being a witch if you couldn't break a few rules to bring change in a society?’ She turned back to move to her room. I opened my eyes slowly. I was shocked on what I saw? Long black hair moving all over and the feet were facing backwards. I shut my eyes. The next morning,  I woke up early. I took my bags and went to the reception to pay bills. He said your bill was already paid by two ladies and also that they already left the hotel.

Then I returned back home thinking that I found the Witch of my dream.



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