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Published On: August 2, 2019 10:40 AM NPT By: Nirajan Rijal

Dance for life

Dance for life

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Saumyata talking to herself, “Oh my god, I am nervous. This is not the first time I am in front of the audience, yet why am I feeling so anxious.”

Host calls the name. She starts walking toward the stage. All people start applauding. Saumyata stands in the middle of the stage – “Hello, I am here on stage in front all of you in Ted Talks. Wow…So, If you don’t like my show, ask for your money with Ted Talks.” All start laughing.

Saumyata takes long breath and continue talking – “Alright, I want to share my experience, my story with you or let’s say in this way, I am talking about my passion. I used to be a decent kid (Silent for some time)…according to my relatives (audience laughs and claps). I used to study hard, I used to get decent grades, and I used to make tea for my uncle and aunty. Likewise, I used to dance, but for very brief timeframe. My time, my life continues passing, I didn’t know, when this short time dancing becomes my passion.

I started enjoying dancing. But, I never concentrated on dance because I used to think to become a good girl, a good daughter and good individual of society, all I have to do is simply buckle down on my examination. Then, one day when I was setting off to my work, I saw an advertisement on a huge hoarding board for a dance audition where the winner could go for the world dance tour. I pondered for a while whether I should go for this audition or not.

Then I decided to go for it. As I reached their office, I encountered so many talented girls. I took the form and ran away from there. I came to a tea shop; I asked for tea and started looking at the form. I was totally sad and confused about my dancing skills if I could able to compete to those professional dancers.

I did not know any style. Today also I don’t know any style in depth. But, thanks to the tea shop keeper, he asked me if I needed a pen to fill that form. I looked at him and he stretched his hand and gave me a pen. I took it and thanked him. However, I filled and submitted it. Next day, I was in an audition. I went on stage. Judges were sitting in front of the stage. All contestants were in line and showing various dance styles one by one. I also went there and showed my dance. I just danced; I did not think that judges were there. I just closed my eyes, listened to music and started moving my body in the flow of the music.

Then, the panel of judges called all the contestants. One Mexican judge stood and he told all of us that he did not like anybody’s audition. He said we are not good enough for his dancing tour. He told us that he was giving us one more week’s time and if any of us thought that we could dance better than today, then only we could be the part of the audition again. But, if we came and we couldn’t perform well, then we would not be allowed to give audition for that show in our whole life.

That day I went home and begin practicing. I practiced for a week. I went to audition and what I saw? There were only around five people in line for the audition. The Mexican judge called my name. I went inside. He asked me, why I came back? That time, I was scared, but I calmed myself and looked into his eyes and told him, “I know, I don’t know any styles of dance. That is good for me because I am new and I can learn any style according to demand of dance tour. I may not be a perfect dancer, but, I truly believe that I can learn fast and that I will be a professional. I have a passion for dancing, I will dance until my last breath and no one can take that from me.”

At that moment, the Mexican judge stood up then smiled and said, “Nice, I always wanted to hear this. You have passion my dear. I can see that in your eyes. If you want to be a great dancer I can teach you all of the technique and routines. I can teach you anything you need to know. I need to have artists with great personalities, who are focused, that believe in themselves, and won’t break down in front of the challenges.”

I thanked him and opened my shoes to dance, but, you know what he told me. He stated, “Let me tell you one other thing. Our tour starts from Mexico. Are you ready to go?” I got amazed, anxious and happy all at the same time.  That time I was mixed feeling bomb. (Everyone laughs).

From there, my journey began. He taught me a lot. I travelled to many countries for performance. While I was in Kenya, a small girl came and asked me for money and food. I looked into my bag and gave her some money. But, after a certain time, I saw a group of kids sitting on the roadside and asking for money.

I felt bad for those kids and my coach saw me being tensed. He came close to me and said, “You cannot give money to all of them. There are so many people like them all over the world. Try to bring awareness, effort to solve this problem in a mass. Bring out your desire and dance for yourself and dance for them.”

This statement changed my life and with my team, I dance not only for myself but for kids like them. All of this is possible because I choose to dance for life.



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