Published On: September 13, 2017 11:53 AM NPT By: Hari Krishna Gautam

Prominence of Thali Nach in UK

Prominence of Thali Nach in UK

The Thali Nach is performed in almost every program hosted by the people of Myagdi living in the United Kingdom. The people of Myagdi perform Thali Nach in the presence of Britons at various programs with the aim to conserve and promote this traditional form of dance. 

The local citizens of the UK love the dance for its unique style, in which two steel plates, one in each hand, are rotated around while dancing. Various organizations like Myagdi Migrants Nepali Forum, UK and Magar Forum formed by the youths that have migrated to the UK from the district host the Thali Nach. 

Bill Purja, president of the Naumati Baja Group, UK said, “Many youths from Myagdi have been moving to the UK in search of better employment, business and education opportunities. These youths have been preserving and promoting the Thali Nach by using the skills that they learnt back home.”

Earlier, it was not easy to perform the dance because the performers were also required to sing. These days, however, the traditional music and songs for Thali Dance are digitally available. Artists Baby Paija and Geeta Paija are well known for their Thali Nach performances in the UK.

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