Published On: August 10, 2017 12:04 PM NPT By: Hari Krishna Gautam

Wishing lake in Myagdi attracts devotees in hoards

Wishing lake in Myagdi attracts devotees in hoards

MYAGDI: Khayarbarahi Temple at Annapurna Rural Municipality- 5 is situated 4,800 meters above the sea-level. Nilo Najik Tal, a stupendous lake nearby the temple adds to the scenic beauty.

Devotees throng the temple every year during Janai Purnima, according to the Temple Management Committee's President Bhim Prasad Tilija. This year, however, the number of devotees was fewer as compared to previous years.

Tilija explained, “The devotees first visit the temple with a wish. They revisit the temple when their wish is fulfilled, mostly to make sacrifices of ram sheep so as to appease and thank the god for making their wish come true.

However, due to the Lunar Eclipse during Janai Purnima this year, the festival was celebrated during Naag Panchami. We witnessed fewer devotees this year because it is believed that no sacrifices should be made in the temple on Naag Panchmi.”

Moreover, there is an unusual ritual to get one’s wishes fulfilled and ask for god’s blessings. Devotees tell the Magar priest at the temple about their wishes and he goes to the Nilo Najik Tal, jumps into the water and shouts the devotees' names and their wishes. Then, he hands over some mud from the lake to the devotees. After that, devotees are not supposed to talk to anyone or look back at the temple until they reach Dhoti Khola, as per Tilija.

Once their wishes are fulfilled, devotees revisit the temple to sacrifice ram sheep. According to Arjun Pun, one of the devotees, most of youths pray for good marks, chance to join the British army, get foreign employment, good husband or wife, among others.

With the gradual rise in the number of devotees and their donation to the temple, the temple premises now has proper tents, toilets, and drinking water facilities, among others.

The temple and its surrounding has become an attraction point for domestic and international tourists alike. Not only elderly, but young devotees also visit the temple in a large number with the hope that their wishes will be fulfilled.

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