Published On: April 23, 2019 06:05 PM NPT By: Krishna Kisi

Free education for earthquake-hit kid Sonish

Free education for earthquake-hit kid Sonish


Sonish Awale was successfully rescued 22 hours after the infamous April 22 earthquake..He was trapped beneath the debris. Awale is currently studying for free at Everest School, Bhaktapur

Awale will now be promoted to the kindergarten level. Bhakta Rajbhandari, Founder and Principal of the school says, “As for our social responsibilities, we are offering Sonish free education. His parents wanted the kid to study at our school. But because of their financial conditions, they couldn’t afford the fees. After the school management was informed about this, we immediately enrolled him free of cost, “he says. “We are committed to providing him free education till class five, he adds. “Then onward, Birendra Sainik School will look after his education,” the Principal continues. Sonish’s parents would otherwise have to pay Rs 85,000 only for admission at kindergarten level.

Everet School is renowned in Bhaktapur area. It is well known for providing quality education. 1200 students currently study at the school, ranging from play group to class 10.


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