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Published On: August 27, 2023 04:20 PM NPT By: Republica

Asmita Rana on Stage: Pursuing a childhood dream

Asmita Rana on Stage: Pursuing a childhood dream

From a young age, Asmita Rana nurtured a childhood dream of becoming a renowned model and dancer. This innate curiosity ignited her passion for dancing, a flame that burned brightly throughout her formative years. As she grew, her enthusiasm translated into captivating performances in numerous cultural events organized by her school. Hailing from Syangja, Asmita Rana remained steadfast in her pursuit of her childhood aspiration to become a dancer. Consequently, her platform expanded to encompass both national and international stages, showcasing her exceptional talent. Reflecting on her journey, she expressed, "I've always carried the desire to sing and dance since my early years."

During her school days, Asmita's name consistently topped the list of performers in every cultural program. Her friends and teachers held her in high regard, entrusting her with the responsibility of gracing the stage. This unwavering support bolstered her confidence, fuelling her determination to become a prominent dancer. Even as she progressed to the 8th grade, she seized an opportunity to travel from Syangja to Chitwan with the Scout team, an experience that exposed her to larger stages. "While I had performed on smaller stages during my school days, performing on such a grand stage in Chitwan posed a new challenge," she recalled, "yet, it was an incredible opportunity."

Receiving recognition in the form of an award marked a pivotal moment in her artistic journey. This acknowledgment further fueled her commitment to her craft. After completing her School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination, she relocated to Chitwan, driven by her ambition to expand her career in the arts. There, she embarked on formal dance training, establishing a structured path towards her artistic goals.

As she progressed, she eventually moved to Kathmandu for further studies. Initially, her artistic journey wasn't her primary focus; education took precedence. Nonetheless, her early fascination with the arts never waned. She gradually became acquainted with individuals within the artistic community, expanding her network and horizons. Since 2015, her artistic journey has been well-defined. Her debut musical performance occurred in 2015 with a Teej song featuring Khuman Adhikari and Rekha Budha. "Although my first song was filmed, it was never released," she revealed.

Asmita's artistic journey, commencing in 2015, has evolved significantly. Her versatility across various dance styles has contributed to her success, allowing her to feature in over 100 music videos. Balancing her commitments across a plethora of domestic and international stage performances, her influence continues to grow abroad. Having honed her dynamic dance skills in countries such as India, Qatar, and the UAE, Asmita is now gearing up for a tour in Korea. Amidst her busy schedule, both at home and abroad, she is pursuing a Master's degree in Music and Social Science. "Passion is paramount; when you're genuinely passionate, the connection forms naturally," she emphasized. She added, "In tandem with my studies, I've been navigating my artistic journey, managing my time to the best of my ability."

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