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Published On: August 20, 2023 09:57 AM NPT By: Republica

Manoj Joshi's Television Odyssey: A Tale of Dedication and Impact

Manoj Joshi's Television Odyssey: A Tale of Dedication and Impact

Manoj Joshi, a prominent figure in Nepalese television journalism, has charted an illustrious journey spanning over two decades in the industry. His foray into this realm began as a newsreader at Image Channel Television, and today, he stands as a distinguished 'TV Journalist' at AP 1 Television in Kathmandu. Joshi's footprint also graced Kantipur Television for several years, enriching his TV journalism expedition. Throughout his career, he has wielded his skills in news writing, editing, and conducting face to face live interviews with subject matter experts, solidifying his role in television journalism.

Notably, Joshi's contributions haven't gone unnoticed. His dedication was rewarded with the Press Council Nepal Active Journalism Award 2022 from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of Nepal. Further accolades include the Nepal Police Award in 2021 for bolstering the morale of security personnel during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bravery Journalism Award in 2019, and a special citizen award bestowed by Nepal Army in 2022. 

Republica’s Samiksha Shrestha recently sat down with Joshi, also an active social advocate, to delve into his television journalism journey, and to glean insights into the prospects and challenges that budding journalists might encounter.

Pioneering Change through Television Journalism

When asked about his assessment of journalism in Nepal, Joshi provides a peek into his day-to-day life. As a television practitioner, his routine revolves around news reading, content creation, and insightful interviews with experts. This unrelenting schedule has been his norm for two decades, interspersed with only occasional breaks. Reflecting on his journey, he underscores that his commitment has remained unwavering, even during his time abroad.

The Spark that Ignited the Journey

Joshi's inspiration to enter journalism was rooted in his childhood aspiration to enact positive change within society. Over time, he recognized journalism as a potent tool for driving social transformation, particularly due to the expansive influence of television. This realization propelled his desire to become a stalwart in the field.

Stepping into the Spotlight

Two decades ago, when Joshi first graced the television screen, the media landscape in Nepal was vastly different. With a limited number of television channels, appearing on screen was a remarkable feat. Starting as a news anchor at Image Channel, Joshi quickly garnered recognition for his work, earning a regular spot on the television screen. He fondly recalls his debut, when technology was rudimentary compared to today. Despite the challenges, the privilege of being seen on television screens was unparalleled, and this spurred his enthusiasm. The recognition he gained bolstered his confidence and continued to drive his commitment.

Role of Journalism in Catalyzing Change

Joshi discusses the transformative role of journalism in society. He acknowledges that, initially, it was an assumption that journalism could foster change. Yet, through active practice, he witnessed its profound impact in combatting corruption, advocating for justice, and addressing societal ills. Moreover, journalism acted as a voice for communities with limited access to technology, holding the government accountable and upholding good governance.

The Evolution of Nepalese TV Journalism

Reflecting on the evolution of Nepalese journalism, Joshi highlights its professional advancement. From his early days in the field to the present, technology's rapid integration has streamlined processes. While the current landscape appears promising, challenges persist due to limited advertising resources, economic crises, and the ongoing pandemic. Despite these hurdles, Joshi sees an array of opportunities opening up for industrious and ambitious individuals in the industry.

Navigating Commercial Sustainability

Addressing the media's commercial challenges, Joshi emphasizes that the quality of news content determines the longevity of media organizations. His own contributions, effective and contemporary, play a pivotal role in boosting the television channel's viewership ratings (TRP). Elevated TRP ratings attract advertisers, thereby fortifying the organization's financial standing.

Achievements and Gratitude

Reflecting on his journey, Joshi underscores the fulfillment of his childhood dream—to contribute to societal change. His journey has not only led to personal recognition but also facilitated the formation of meaningful connections and friendships. His work has been acknowledged through prestigious awards and honors, and he acknowledges the role of journalism in sustaining his livelihood.

As Manoj Joshi's television odyssey continues, it stands as a testament to dedication, impact, and the enduring power of journalism in shaping societies and individuals alike.

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