The idea of euthanasia, set out by American philosopher Dan W. Brock, supports the idea of a good death with a dignified exit under some circumstances, such as when a patient is experiencing "irreversible and incurable suffering”.

‘Dukhhas’ of Nepali migration

April 10, 2019 01:00 am

For Janak Raj Sapkota, notion of dukhha is engrained in entire mobility process and migrants are in a Catch-22 situation as they can neither return to their village nor live in their new set-up

Actor Rita Bhaduri passed away at the age of 62. The TV and film actor had been suffering from a kidney ailment and had been admitted to ICU for many days.

DANG, May 27: Consumption of polluted water from a contaminated drinking water supply source has spread diarrhea in two wards of Shantinagar rural municipality in Dang.

MAHOTTARI, Jan 11: The area belongs neither to Nepal nor to India. Around 70 small huts are seen Nepal side of the border and similar huts can be seen on the other side. Residents living in these huts on the Nepal side belong to the Mushahar community (who fed on mouse for survival). The area is near to Manasisnera Municipality - 9.

KOHALPUR, Jan 3: The dipping temperature has started to take a serious toll on health of flood victims living in makeshift tents set up near jungle areas. Children and elderly people living in these settlements scattered in the jungle area of Kohalpur are the worst affected.

ACHHAM, Jan 1: The minimum age for marriage in Nepal is 20 for both men and women. The body of women below that age is not considered to be fully prepared to give birth to babies. However, in this part of the country, early marriage, which is also called child marriage is going on abated. Doctors claim that early motherhood coupled with lack of proper care and food has been forcing many women to live life with the prolapsed uterus.

KATHMANDU, Dec 20: Mental illness is a biological phenomenon that affects a person’s thinking, behavior, mood, eating habit and sleeping habit, among others. Examples of mental illness include anxiety, depression and psychosis. Many of us feel anxious at different situations like during exams, gatherings and job interviews, but if this anxiousness starts bothering us or affecting our daily habits, then we need to consult a doctor because it could be an anxiety disorder.

Sonam suffering from bronchitis

November 2, 2017 12:07 pm

MUMBAI, Nov 2: Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor says due to the environmental conditions, she has been wheezing and has developed bronchitis.

KATHMANDU, April 22: After rigorous persuasion, a Raute family with traditional mindset finally agreed to seek medical intervention for one of its injured members.

UNITED NATIONS, March 14: Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned Monday that women are suffering "new assaults on their safety and dignity" around the world, pointing to extremists subjugating women and governments curtailing women's freedoms and rolling back laws against domestic violence.

BAJURA, Feb 20: Many women in rural parts of Bajura district, who were suffering from uterine prolapse for long, have benefited from a free health camp set up here since last Friday.

Patriarchy: We are all suffering

January 6, 2017 21:30 pm

Patriarchy is a system where men have the ultimate power over all the social, economic and political resources. It was originally described as a ‘male dominated family’ but the concept has been widened.

JUMLA, Dec 27: An incident of practice of 'untouchability' within the dalit community itself has come to light at Haku VDC in the district.

Women who suffer from urinary incontinence are at a higher risk of it getting worse after childbirth, a study suggests. According to the study, women who have not given birth are less likely to suffer from urinary incontinence compared to pregnant women.

Actor Val Kilmer has denied news that he has throat cancer after his co-star Michael Douglas claimed he wasn’t doing well. Douglas claimed his friend Kilmer was on the losing end of a battle with throat cancer on Sunday.

KATHMANDU, Sept 22: Minister for Irrigation, Deepak Giri has suffered cardiac arrest.

ILAM, June 7: Thirteen inmates in Jhapa district prison recently fell unconscious due to scorching heat. They regained consciousness only after prison staffs and other inmate sprinkled water and fanned them with paper. These are common problem for the prison’s staff and its inmates during hot days.