ROLPA, Nov 19: Four people including the driver were killed and 19 others were injured after a passenger bus met with an accident at Madi Rural Municipality-4 Tarkebang in Rolpa district on Thursday evening.

ROLPA, August 18: The village seemed bright since early morning. Soon, the villagers started playing the trumpets. Locals were gathered around. While some were playing musical instruments, others were waiting to welcome someone with colorful garlands in their hands. A remote village in eastern Rolpa, Jailwang, had a different glowing vibe. Narendra Roka, who was sentenced to life imprisonment by an Indian court in a false case of murder 24 years ago, was returning home.

ROLPA, August 14: A man died in an ambulance accident in Rolpa.

Rolpa, August 11: Police have recovered the dead body of a youth who went missing after being swept away by a stream in Rolpa district on Tuesday.

ROLPA, August 4: A study has shown that the cases of child marriage in Rolpa are very high. Out of 354 new mothers at Rolpa Hospital last year, 53 were below the age of 20. Of them, eight had to undergo surgeries to deliver their babies. Likewise, among the 167 women who underwent safe deliveries, 17 were below the age of 20.

Man dies after falling off a cliff

July 12, 2021 15:52 pm

ROLPA, July 12: A person in Rolpa has died after falling off a cliff. According to the police, the deceased has been identified as 26-year-old Man Prasad Gharti Magar of Madi Rural Municipality-3.

ROLPA, July 12: The local administration in Rolpa district has decided to provide risk allowances to police officers deployed in the district for the prevention and control of COVID-19 pandemic.

ROLPA, June 24: The ongoing prohibitory orders enforced in the Rolpa district since May 5 have been extended by 10 days.

ROLPA, June 23: Three people have been killed in a landslide in Rolpa.

ROLPA, May 22: As many as 74 people tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 24 hours in Rolpa. With this, the total number of infections in the district has reached 678 out of which 11 have died.

ROLPA, May 18: People here in the district are afraid of an increased risk of the spread of the coronavirus infection as family members themselves have started managing the bodies of their dear ones who died of COVID-19 of late.

KATHMANDU, Dec 2: The 33/11 kV substation of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) set up in Lakuri area in Rolpa district has been fully charged.

ROLPA, Nov 30: Health professionals in Rolpa have urged the government to add isolation centers and speed up contact tracing to contain COVID19; 'or else get ready for irreparable loss'.

Some schools in the district are considering running physical classes soon

ROLPA, Sept 12: Two children of a family died after they were buried by a landslide at Lungri Rural Municipality-1, Aipe in Rolpa district at midnight on Saturday.

ROLPA, Sept 1: A twelve-year-old boy in Rolpa is in metal chains, and locked up inside a wooden box. He can barely move around. This has been going on for the last four years, since 2016. His family cites poverty and inability to treat him as reasons behind this inhuman condition. The boy, Tilak Khatri, has mental health issues.

ROPLA, July 24: Lockdown order in Rolpa district headquarters Liwang has been lifted after a week starting 1 PM on Friday.

ROLPA, July 21: Over 80 girls below the age of 20 gave birth in Rolpa District Hospital in the last fiscal year. Among those, 12 had to go for surgery due to health complications. According to the hospital officials, a significant number of underage women seek abortion service. Women’s health in Rolpa is scary, thanks to child marriage.

ROLPA, June 30: Sunil Smriti Rural Municipality in the eastern Rolpa has proposed a new plan to address the issue to privately paid teachers in the community schools.

ROLPA, May 18: Every next household in the Rolpa villages live with the hidden wounds of the decade long insurgency. Hundreds were killed and disappeared from here as it was made the epicenter of the bloody war. While the nation still struggles to satisfy the war time complaints leaving victims largely disappointed, those severely hit people in Rolpa have stated that the lockdown triggered by Covid19 has left them even more disturbed. Unlike the normal days, they now have plenty of time to miss and long for their lost beloved family members.

ROLPA, May 9: It’s already been almost 14 years since the then Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and Nepal government signed the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) in 2006, ending a decade-long war and starting the peace process. The peace process is said to have been concluded. However, the vestiges of the war, which was fought for more than a decade, have been troubling the people of Rolpa time and again.

Lightning kills two in Rolpa

May 7, 2020 20:00 pm

ROLPA, May 7: A lightning strike killed two persons in Rolpa on Thursday.

Man dies in quarantine in Rolpa

April 28, 2020 13:52 pm

ROLPA, April 28: A 62 years old man died in a quarantine facility set up at Madhigau Rural Municipality, Pariwang Ward no 2, Rolpa district, last night.

ROLPA, April 19: When the plague came to my village in Rolpa in 1943, my neighbors started dying. People fled to the forests to escape from the disease. My mother also passed away in April 1943. No one from the village came to cremate her dead body. My maternal uncles from another village dug a hole to bury her and returned without visiting our home. “My father tied a rope around the waist of the dead body, dragged it to the hole and buried,” Nandalal Pokhrel, 87, of Rolpa Municipality-1, Mewang, recalled the story of the epidemic, which haunted Nepali society some 77 years ago.

ROLPA, April 11: Targeting the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) examinees, some youths of Rolpa have initiated a distance learning program.

ROLPA, March 7: Health posts and hospitals in Rolpa are not well-equipped. The shortage of medicines and doctors here often make the headlines. As the news of the spread of coronavirus across the world is making rounds, locals in the rural areas of Rolpa have raised concerns over the poor health facilities they have. They have urged the government to avail sufficient medicines at the local health units and the district hospital. On the other hand, health professionals in the district hospital have also lamented the inefficiency of the hospital and health units.

Diarrhea outbreak in upper Dolpa

February 4, 2020 10:45 am

DOLPA, Feb 4: Locals from upper Dolpa now are suffering from diarrhea. Economically weak population and old-age people mostly live in the upper part of the district.

ROLPA, Feb 2: The government has cancelled the contract with Pappu Koshi and Neupane JV Construction Company after the latter failed to give expected results in a road project for repairing a 20-km road in eastern Rolpa. The company has also been slapped a fine of Rs 90 million. According to chief of 'Rural Road Network Repair' project, Moha Dutta Bhatta, the company had been awarded the road project worth Rs 442.3 million.

ROLPA, Jan 26: Twenty–two years old Resham Kuwar of Bajbisauna village of Rolpa district has returned from Malaysia following failure of both his kidneys.  He had taken a loan of Rs 130,000 from money lenders to make it to Malaysia two and a half years ago. The kidney problem surfaced six months after he landed in Malaysia, and he has already spent over Rs 1.2 million for his treatment. "The insurance money provided by my company and the financial support from others have all finished but still there is no hope," he lamented.

Computer classes without a computer!

January 25, 2020 11:11 am

ROLPA, Jan 25: The importance of computer literacy in the digital world needs no exaggeration. Computer as a subject is thus taught at both community and private schools the countrywide. However, not all schools in the rural zones have computers. A case in a point is Indreshwari Secondary School of Khewase village of Rolpa Municipality - 3 where students do attend a 'computer class' but they have not seen one.

ROLPA, Jan 15: Four 9th graders and five 10th graders of Saraswati Secondary School of Lungri Rural Municipality – 1 quit school last year as they got married. According to the school principal Umesh Pun, the school has a high dropout rate and early marriage is one of the main reasons.

ROLPA, Jan 6: A 19-year-old boy named Asin Giri, who was missing since December 2, was found unconscious in a rivulet near Libang – the headquarters of Rolpa district – on Friday.

ROLPA, Dec 20: Phoolmaya Pariyar, 14, of Phalja, Rolpa Municipality-9, rushes to school at 7:30 am everyday. She can’t even have her meal properly. After walking for about three hours, she reaches her school.

ROLPA, Dec 19: Phoolmaya Pariyar, 14, of Rolpa municipality-9, Phalja rushes to school at 7:30 am everyday. She can’t even have her meal properly. After walking for about three hours she reaches her school.

ROLPA, Nov 26: All ward members of Thabang Rural Municipality-1 of Rolpa district have resigned en masse.

Marching towards ‘Asare Bikash’ again

November 24, 2019 08:13 am

ROLPA, Nov 24: The need to get rid of the practice of ‘Asare Bikash’ (expediting developmental works only towards the end of the fiscal year and completing them in a rush) has been stressed time and again. People in general, as well as political parties, leaders and government in the past and the present, have been quite vocal about reviewing this kind of performance.

ROLPA, Nov 18: During leisure hours, the teachers of Nepal Higher Secondary School of Kotgau, Rolpa, can be seen searching for studies reference videos on Youtube. Most of these teachers try their best to enter classrooms after preparing their teaching materials based on the video. Youtube has transformed into a virtual teacher for these teachers who seek the use of technology in order to teach their students.

ROLPA, Nov 16: Road construction has been one of the major development agenda during the past decade in Rolpa, like elsewhere across the country. Increasing people's access to transport by constructing new roads was also one of the most important election agenda of political parties.

Rolpa schools witness high drop-out rate

November 14, 2019 08:52 am

ROLPA, Nov 14: The total number of students in Rolpa during last year was 81,702, according to the District Coordination Committee. In the current fiscal year, the number of students has declined to 67,188. The public schools in Rolpa are reportedly suffering human resource crisis along with lack of proper infrastructure.

Rolpa bus plunge kills two (with photos)

September 30, 2019 15:38 pm

ROLPA, Sept 30: Two persons died when a passenger bus met with an accident in eastern Rolpa on Monday afternoon.

ROLPA, Sept 25: Senior leader of the main opposition Nepali Congress Ram Chandra Poudel has accused the government of doing nothing except selling fake dreams among the people after it came to power two years ago.

Jaya Budha’s family had come to sleep in the house after feeling insecure to live in their own house. Unfortunately, all six people were buried in the landslide.

ROLPA, Sept 7: Until a few years ago, private schools posed a huge threat to community schools in Rolpa. While private schools were mushrooming and thriving, community schools looked deserted in lack of students.

ROLPA, Sept 5: Jaljala Multiple Campus of Rolpa is teaching students without textbooks as the university to which it is affiliated has not prepared them. The campus switched its affiliation to Mid-western University (MU) from Tribhuvan University (TU) at the start of this academic session.

ROLPA, Aug 30: Radio journalist Dhan Bahadur Roka, husband of Dil Kumari Roka, was abducted by the Maoists 18 years ago.

ROLPA, Aug 26: An unidentified group on Sunday night torched Ward 2 Office of Pariwartan rural municipality and detonated an improvised explosive device.

ROLPA, Aug 24: Bimala Pun, 20, is not celebrating Teej this year. Actually, it’s been five years since the  Garigaun local has squelched her passion for singing and dancing with abandon during the Teej season. The reason why she has skipped all Hindu festivals, which she in fact greatly enjoys, is her conversion to Christianity.

ROLPA, Aug 23: Of 3,531 examinees from Rolpa in the last academic year, 2,198 are appearing for SEE grade improvement examination that started on Sunday this week.

ROLPA, Aug 13: A week-long free health camp organized by the provincial government targeting people who became physically disabled during the Maoist insurgency has ended before the conflict victims could visit the camp.

ROLPA, Aug 10: Shortage of staff at District Hospital, Rolpa is not a new issue. However, this time the problem has surfaced due to the lack of coordination between different government bodies.