Child marriage rises in Rolpa despite legal prohibition

Published On: August 4, 2021 04:47 PM NPT By: Republica

ROLPA, August 4: A study has shown that the cases of child marriage in Rolpa are very high. Out of 354 new mothers at Rolpa Hospital last year, 53 were below the age of 20. Of them, eight had to undergo surgeries to deliver their babies. Likewise, among the 167 women who underwent safe deliveries, 17 were below the age of 20.

The mentioned cases are the ones registered at just one hospital in the district. The number of new mothers under the age of 20 are quite significant in other three dozen health institutions as well. Also, among the 250 females who arrived at Rolpa Hospital for pregnancy tests, 35 were below the age of 20. The cases of child marriage is still practiced in society even though it is illegal. 

Despite strict laws against child marriage, the number of cases has not decreased. It seems there is acceptance of the practice, not complaining to the authorities concerned. Prioritizing the practice in local levels, disregard to the problems has been seen as the root of the problem. Last year, a 14-year-old female gave birth to a child at the hospital as well. 

Although the rate of child marriage is high, no complaints are lodged at the police office. Last year, the district police stopped 43 child marriages on the basis of verbal complaints. According to police, authorities stopped five child marriages this year. 

Child marriages have led students to stop their education and an increase in divorce cases. The practice of runaway marriage is more prevalent than arranged marriages. The number of people getting married in a hurry has become significant over the years. The indifference shown by the local, provincial, and the federal governments to the issue has affected literacy, health and mental state of many people and is becoming a serious issue. 


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