KATHMANDU, July 22: In lack of own building or adequate space in the existing place, the staffers working at the Nepal Forensic Science Laboratory have grieved that they works were directly affected.

ROLPA, May 8: Even though the government has pledged free education up to the secondary level as child's fundamental right in the constitution, it does not provide financial resources to all community schools to pay teachers' salary and other resources a school needs.

CNP lacks male elephants for breeding

November 4, 2018 15:42 pm

CHITWAN, Nov 4: The Chitwan National Park (CNP) lacks a male elephant for breeding thus forcing dependence on wild elephants for the purpose. Two wild elephants named Ronaldo and Dhurbe are currently available in the CNP for mating. Rolando is available in the eastern area, while Dhurbe in the western area.

DHANGADHI, Aug 3: Bishwanath Ojha of Attariya in Kailali district took his father to Seti Zonal Hospital for treatment on April 10.

DANG, Aug 2: Lamahi Hospital, which is visited by dozens of patients from towns and rural villages of Dang, has stopped providing x-ray, ambulance and several other kinds of health services in lack of staffs. The hospital became unable to provide such services after nine of its staff members’ employment contract was not renewed by its development committee. The institution was already struggling with the shortage of doctors and nurses.

KATHMANDU, July 19: Although Nepal Police was among the first few state organizations to be federated in line with the new constitution, the delay on part of the federal government to come up with the Federal Police Act has left the security agency under confusion and uncertainty.

KATHMANDU, July 10: Failure of Kathmandu District Education Office to provide records of secondary level schools to the local levels (Kathmandu Metropolitan City) has affected due process.

DOLPA, July 3: Nepali Cine Artist Rajesh Hamal has been stranded in Dolpa district due to lack of flights since last six days.

DHANGADHI, July 1: Around two-thirds of the arable land in Province 7 does not have irrigation facilities. The other problems that farmers are facing include lack of improved seeds and fertilizers, according to Hema Raj Panta, a professor at Kailali Multiple Campus, Kailali.

KATHMANDU, June 30: Sri Lankan Ambassador to Nepal, Swarna Perera, has said that Nepal and Sri Lanka have failed to realize the tourism potential due to the lack of direct air connectivity.

DANG, June 24: Three months after the formation of the provincial assembly in Province 5, lawmakers of the province are yet to get their badge, which is often considered as their identity.

KATHMANDU, June 22: Stating that the workload in courts is increasing every year, Patan High Court Chief Judge Prakash Kumar Dhungana said on Friday that the courts do not have enough human resource, including judges to deal with the increasing workload.

SINDHUPALCHOWK, June 20: Even the government authorities lack the exact details of the reconstruction of quake-damaged houses in Sindhupalchowk, the worst-hit district by the catastrophic earthquake of 2015.

SYANGJA, June 17: Farmers in Waling Municipality-3 of Syangja district are worried as they have not been able to sell ground apples due to lack of proper access to major marketplaces.

JUMLA, June 13: Almost all government and non-government organizations in Jumla district do not have disabled-friendly office buildings. Most of the offices are located on the second floor, making it difficult for people with disabilities to get access.

The judicial committee was formed but I have no idea how I will carry out a judicial job without a legal advisor.

KATHMANDU, May 25: Coffee entrepreneurs claim that Nepali coffee industry is not growing as expected due to lack of training and awareness among farmers regarding coffee farming, pulping and processing. They also say that many farmers are not aware of the right time to pluck cherries from the trees and are uninformed about the varieties of coffee seeds available in the market.

BAITADI, May 24:  Pregnant women and teenage girls are facing anemia due to lack of nutrition. It is reported that the victims of anemia have been increased in pregnant women and their children, women of reproductive age group, teenage girls. According to the statistics, of the 28 thousand teenage girls in the district 43 per cent of them were victimized by the anemia.

KATHMANDU, May 24: Naya Shakti Nepal Coordinator and lawmaker Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said that the government's policies and programs do not have concrete plan.

KATHMANDU, May 24: Main opposition party Nepali Congress  President Sher Bahadur Deuba has said the policy and programs presented by the government in  parliament for the upcoming fiscal year lack any novelty.

LALITPUR, May 17: River-induced disasters are causing a big loss of lives and property in the country every year but there is no Water Act in place to regulate the human encroachment on rivers and water bodies.

DHANGADHI, May 16: When a meeting of provincial assembly gets postponed or delayed, it becomes a real trouble for the parliamentarians to find a place to stay until the meeting resumes. Those who arrive earlier than the scheduled time also have to deal with this problem.

TANAHUN, May 8: Approximately 84 households of two villages, Byas Municipality-14 and Bandipur Rural Municipality-6, are forced to live in the dark without electricity.

LAHAN, April 25: Lack of repair and maintenance of a section of the East-West highway at Mirchaiya of Siraha district has posed a serious risk of accidents.

DANG, April 18: Sahajram Ahir, chief of Gadhawa Rural Municipality in Dang,  has appeared at the  Province 5 High Court three times after someone challenged a decision of the local unit's judicial committee, which was taken without  proper knowledge of the law.

KATHMANDU, April 12: Much-anticipated high-level talks between the CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center) planned for Tuesday was postponed to Wednesday and then postponed again signaling possible delays in likelihood of a final deal on  left unification on the proposed date.

KHOTANG, April 2: When he took his wife in labor pains to Khotang District Hospital, Sanjeev Tilung Rai of Tuwachung Municipality-3 was asked to find some blood for surgery.

KHOTANG, April 1: When he took his wife in labor pains to Khotang District Hospital, Sanjeev Tilung Rai of Tuwachung Municipality-3 was asked to find some blood for surgery.

MUGU, March 31: Eastern side of Mugum rural municipality has been cut off from communication services since one week after technical glitches shut down the only Nepal Telecom tower at Serong village.

BAITADI, Mar 25: Construction work of a suspension bridge over the Mahakali river at Pancheshwor of Baitadi district has not moved ahead due to dillydallying of the Indian side.

Article 35 (4) of the Constitution of Nepal, 2072 explicitly states that every citizen shall have an access to clean drinking water and sanitation. However, this constitutional right is far from reach for a majority of the people in the city.

BHAKTAPUR, March 22: We all know that Bhaktapur is one of the oldest Newar cities. According to national census 2011, the total population of Bhaktapur Municipality is 83,658, belonging to Newari community. Nevertheless, the efforts of making Nepal Bhasa popular here has not been successful as expected.

KATHMANDU, March 22: Chief Ministers of all seven provinces have complained to the prime minister that they have been reeling under shortage of resources, budget, expert manpower and they also lack proper coordination from the central government.

The best and worst countries for women worldwide

KATHMANDU, Mar 5: Mayor of Chautara Sangachowk Gadhi Municipality, Amansing Tamang, has now realized that budget of Rs 650 million allocated for FY 2017/18 will not bring anticipated outcomes.

NUWAKOT, Mar 3: Chief Minister of the Province No. 3 Dormani Poudel has said that service delivery to the general people, work execution and lawmaking tasks were affected due to lack of officials.

ROLPA, Feb 28: Local level election after nearly two decades had filled Rolpa residents with great zeal as it did to people in other parts of the country.

PALPA, Feb 25: "Understanding  the changed structure of the government and working under it has been a challenge for us. We are still learning," said Radha Kumari Shrestha, coordinator of the judicial committee of Rambha Rural Municipality. According to her, many people are  unaware that they no longer need to go to a district court for settling their legal issues as this can be done at their own local units.

SIRAHA, Feb 21: Raaslal Yadav, 82, of Bariyarpatti in Siraha does not have high expectation from his provincial government. He has only one expectation - better irrigation facility.

JUMLA, Feb 17: Potato farmers of Patarasi Rural Municipality in Jumla district are worried as their produce is not getting market as expected. As a result, farmers have been keeping their produce stored at home.

Lack of pilots to fly new aircraft

February 14, 2018 02:31 am

KATHMANDU, Feb 13: Though NAC now has four Harbin Y 12-e aircraft in its fleet, the national flag carrier has only one pilot two command the aircraft.

KANCHANPUR, Feb 11: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Energy Kamal Thapa has said that 40 per cent people in the country are still deprived of electricity supplies.

SINDHULI, Feb 8:  As most of the banks are limited to the district headquarters, earthquake victims living in rural parts of Sindhuli are almost deprived of banking service. As a result, they have to spend the whole day in vehicle to reach the headquarters even for minor transactions and mainly for receiving their reconstruction grants.

SINDHULI, Feb 7:  As most of the banks are limited to the district headquarters, earthquake victims living in rural parts of Sindhuli are almost deprived of banking service. As a result, they have to spend the whole day in vehicle to reach the headquarters even for minor transactions and mainly for receiving their reconstruction grants.

MUGU, Feb 3: This winter, Mugu neither received the anticipated rainfall, nor adequate snowfall. If the climate was to be more forgiving and bestowed rain and snow, the winter crops and apple production in the region would thrive. However this year, even with January wrapping up without signs of rain or snowfall, farmers have been worried with the possibility of a smaller harvest.

PAANCHTHAR, Feb 1: There are altogether eight wards in Falelung Rural Municipality while the number of secretaries is four. As a result, the responsibility of the secretaries has been handed over to technicians in some wards. In some cases, a single technician is looking after two wards.

UDAYAPUR, Jan 30: Local level representatives have said that they have been facing difficulties to operate the local bodies in a full-fledged manner due to the lack of the necessary laws and directives required for the operation of the local bodies.

KATHMANDU, Jan 28: Various constitutional bodies formed to protect and promote the rights of women and other marginalized groups in the country have been facing difficulties carrying out their mandated work due to budget crunch and shortage of personnel, officials said.

JUMLA, Jan 20: Extremely dry weather coupled with extremely low temperature is raising concern about the winter wheat crops in the hilly districts including Jumla.

KATHMANDU, Jan 11: Lack of construction details of more than 1,200 bridges across the country constructed by various foreign countries has affected repair, said the Bridge Division under the Department of Roads.