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Avijit Thapa

Avijit Thapa is an online Correspondent at Republica Online.

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Published On: January 12, 2019 05:46 PM NPT By: Avijit Thapa

The changing face of Nepali Cinema

The changing face of Nepali Cinema

From late 90s to the mid 2000s, Nepali cinemas were quite monotonous- actor wise, script wise, story wise, and to an extent music wise. Then came the digital era—the picture quality was totally different all of a sudden. Kagbeni, Loot and Sano Sansar pulled back the audiences to the theaters. Nepali films were so different now. The storylines were unique. The action sequence looks so real. The sound effects have bettered. Polished actors from different theaters were emerging. Good build and chocolaty looks were no more benchmarks to be qualified as a ‘Hero’.

 Business wise, Nepali movies no more would struggle hard just to break even months after their release. They are now making substantial profits even just a few weeks after opening. Nepali producers no more feel vague on their earnings. Movies have started earning in millions. More than three times their budgets. Chakka Panja was rolled out with a budget of Rs eight million. Just within two weeks of its release, the movie collected Rs 50 million. Nepali movies have been garnering widespread commercial and critical acclaim over the last few years. Movies like Loot, Kabbadi Kabbadi, Pashupati Prasad, Dreams and Kohinoor have set benchmarks with their excellent box office returns as well as ushering in new standards of cinema making in the domestic film industry. With the arrival of a new generation of movie makers, the dimensions of Nepali cinema is getting broader and better with each passing day. Contrary to the traditional style of film making, the new breed of directors and producers do not hesitate to experiment and take bold risks. 

“Loot—a blockbuster hit, released in 2012 changed the status of Nepali cinema. Directed by Nischal Basnet, this movie set itself as a ‘Cult’. Till date, one cannot forget the nasty Haaku Kaley and the stubborn Gophle. The movie earned Rs 25.5 million and remains a trend setter in the Nepali film industry. The movie also proved that Nepali cinemas are worth watching. Thanks to the creative team that pulled out a one-of-a-kind concept. The movie attracted a whole new generation of domestic film goers.

The list goes on and on. Today, what the viewers look for in Nepali cinemas is actually the acting skills. There were days when an actor created his brand name and image. Whatever might be the content, his brand-loyals would definitely rush to the Cinemas. The scene is very different today. The story line matters, the acting skills matters. Doesn’t matter if you are not 6 feet tall, or you are not muscular. Till the time your acting does the talking, the audience is with you. This is a true reflection to what movies should actually be. So watch out, days have changed, benchmarks have heightened. This is real business. The more you perform, the better you deliver. The vibe is set to continue through 2019 also. Watch out for the releases this season. They will definitely mesmerize you.

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