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Published On: March 14, 2019 10:00 AM NPT By: Avijit Thapa

The other side of you

The other side of you

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You scroll through your facebook page. You come across things with different backgrounds and intensity levels. You tend to never miss wishing people on their birthdays and anniversaries. Take a pause. Ask yourself. Do you really mean what you say? Or are you doing it just for the sake of it? Think again. Are you involving yourself with these for other reasons?

I might sound more of a pessimist and a little absurd. I am not trying to question any of the millions using the social media platforms. This is solely my take. You may agree to differ.

Over the years I have witnessed a super-increase in the usage of such platforms. I understand they are there for us to express ourselves. But, have we not been expressing ourselves a bit more aggressively these days. We don’t realize, but we get into that ‘zone’. And it takes some time, at least to unzone ourselves. Just because I don’t post anything dedicated to mom and dad on mother and father day doesn’t mean I don’t care. I might be in a topsy-turvy relation with them, just to give the world a different perspective; I write an entire page of a post dedicating everything to them. You do the calculations, which of them is a better choice.Oh! And not to miss the lovely couples. It’s indeed a nightmare for them. Each other’s birthdays, their anniversaries, and dates related to their lives. Is it not ok to just wish each other face to face? What would happen if you skipped mentioning one of your several anniversaries on the social media? “Nothing,” I say. “Things would simply move on. However, the ball is on your court now. It is for you to decide what to post for the next year.”

The social media, as the name purports, indeed has made us more social. We get to learn new things and also entertain ourselves. But somewhere I feel we have lost our originality. We have pushed ourselves into the race, competing with the rest on better posts, catchy images, star hotels, luxury vacations and what not. Until your budget permits you, no problem. But simply getting into the race with no motives will definitely pull you back some time or the other. If you are on good savings, travel across the world on your anniversary. But how justified would it be if a couple were loaned two lakhs, and they travel abroad. Celebrating any events abroad is soothing good. But how about the interest rates that constantly keep knocking your purse?

People posts pictures at funerals along with the deceased’s body. How fair is that?

I am not justifying things here. All I am saying is make wise decisions. Understand where you are and what are you intending to do. Yes, everyone has wishes- millions of them. Be patient. Wait for the right time. Plan well. Go for it.

Don’t be the one simply running from pillars to post not knowing what you want. Don’t pressurize others nor succumb to the pressure.

We are human beings. We are social animals. Do not lose yourself in the race to  prove yourself to be something else.


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