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Published On: April 13, 2019 03:55 PM NPT By: Avijit Thapa

Cross-Cultural Communications at the workplace

Cross-Cultural Communications at the workplace

Working at an organization with counterparts from different races and cultures is not a new scene in a present context. Rapid Globalization has shrunk the world to this extent, today we can find lots of people from different nationalities working together with utter coordination and harmony.

In a way, this cross-national culture has brought about several positive changes at a corporate level.  Despite the historical backdrops, people from so-called rival nations work together in good understanding. This always is a pleasing sight. This culture is kind of a ‘Torch Bearer” when overlooked at a social and political point of view. These corporate officers have set a benchmark for the politically indulged souls to follow…”Look at us. United we stand, divided we fall.” On the contrary, the big political superheroes hardly find anything to cherish about. They can hardly learn a thing looking at them. They probably still run sort of knowledge on the ‘united and divided’ aspects.

Apart from the political overviewing this fast-paced corporate culture, one can also find it quite impactful in an economic context too.

E.g.A Global corporate house ‘X Co.’ is established in Nepal. It has members working from almost every nook and corner of the world. The company functions quite well and also earns a handsome pocket-warming profit.        

From the case mentioned above, I at least can clearly see how this culture is helping Nepal in making fast bucks and also sharing a good reputation with her fellow-countries. We have people from far and wide working together which finally is contributing to enhancing the company’s turnover bucking up Nepal.


The conclusion from the above-mentioned write-up is a positive nod and a heartfelt welcoming and acceptance of this rapidly enhancing culture. It, in fact, is a positive change that has made life quite easy in the corporate and also brought about positive vibes in the way of work.

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