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Published On: July 13, 2017 11:19 AM NPT By: Shreedhar Pandey

The Bird Who Flew Away

The Bird Who Flew Away

She was a bird who knew only to fly
I couldn’t hold onto her so she was tied
Her name was precious and I was her superman
She told me that I was the only one
Precious was she like her name
Slowly and happily, lovers we became
She took me to the deepest place and then to the tallest mountains
To make me realize how the graph of our love was sketched
I saw my whole life in her eyes
When we danced on the streets full of lights
Silent we were often times
Because words couldn’t convey our love sometimes
We connected the broken bits and pieces that exist
And when we talked the time ceased
I looked at the mirror and the reflection was clear
Instead of my face, I saw her face appear
She was sad and I didn’t understand why
Then, I knew something wasn’t just right
 And before I knew, she was in the air
Making me realize that I lost my dear
But my love pulled her towards me
Because we loved each other dearly
A bird is meant to fly so, she flew away anyhow
She set up her wings and I asked her to make a vow
That to fly away and never come again
Because from far away our love will still remain
I let her go because that was her fate
I accepted the fact that she couldn’t stay
And away she went with every blink of my eye
My face was brightened with a smile this time
Because I didn’t want to cage her with me
And at last, she was finally free from me.
Shreedhar is a High School Graduate from St Xavier’s College, Maitighar.

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