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Published On: January 11, 2018 10:03 AM NPT By: Shreedhar Pandey

Endless Lies

Endless Lies

I squirm till the first ray of sun pokes in from the curtains
It’s hard to move on when even the sleep betrays

My fate once bright had turned into a barren land
When you slipped away from my strong hands
Covered in the blanket still freezing
Your reflections are giving me chills
I’m scared because you won’t ever be back
Turning me into a monster who is depressed and mad.
The trees lay still feeling my hollowness
I stare endlessly towards the sky
I could hear those endless lies you spitted
Assuring me that everything was okay
How could one give up someone so precious?
Maybe your heart was as strong as stone
Not rupturing but shattering other’s apart
I’ll meet you when the glasses break into shards.

Pandey is a high school graduate from St Xavier’s College.

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