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Published On: May 7, 2018 09:13 AM NPT By: Shreedhar Pandey

Don’t Surrender, Withstand

Don’t Surrender, Withstand

Does anyone care enough to not leave me in the dark?
I roar out loud but only the echoes march
The crooked maze plays a deeper game
Harder to solve than what I can comprehend
I feel silly for not accepting the truth
And when the end is near, I’ve got no strength to move
My bones can feel that it’s just a matter of time
Before the casted shadows rise from the hollows and chime
I give up and exhale a gulp of breath
I’m tired, I just sit and wait
Damn, that’s what I was told never to do
Lost in the confusion whether to withdraw or get through
Countless faces appear before my eye
That’s when I get up and decide to run till I die
I don’t stop even when my lungs are tired and sore
And at last, my heart leaps at the sight of a glow.

dont, surrender, withstand,

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