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Published On: April 30, 2018 09:22 AM NPT By: Shreedhar Pandey

No more blaming

No more blaming

A man’s value is not measured by his pockets but by his mind. If he can conquer his deepest fears and his darkest lies, there is nothing that will stop him. He just becomes invincible. Does he rely on blame? Absolutely not. Blame doesn’t run in his veins. Only losers blame because it’s far easier in comparison to the effort it takes to get up and try again.

When setting higher standards, we are often bound to think and discipline our mind to the extent we have never even imagined. And so, we don’t believe that it is possible for us to have a strong lifestyle and even if we think that it’s possible, we’re scared to live a life devoid of instant pleasures and full of pain and struggle. The road of instant gratification always holds us back from living a life we dream of. We, as humans, are extremely impatient. We opt for the short road and never delay gratification. In the long term, this path will lead us to failure and only then we start to see things clearly. When we were enjoying for the whole month or a year, our workmates are grinding hard. In the end, they achieve greater things and we find ourselves in the same place. Nothing pinches as much as seeing people who were once at our own level, reach extreme heights in their career. And so, our blaming starts. First, we blame ourselves for being a loser who always gives up one way or the other. Then, we blame everyone around us for our own mediocrity. All the things going wrong in our life ends up in blame.

But, a person with ardent character does things differently. First, he accepts the current reality and fights to get better out of it. He understands that it is not by blaming himself or anyone that he can outlive his present troubles and mis-happenings. He learns to delay gratification and tastes the struggle first. He walks the long road. And even after giving his best to succeed, he may fail. But the thing is these kinds of failures don’t end up in blame as he won’t have anyone to blame. Moreover, he doesn’t need anyone to blame. So, he gets up and moves on rather than blaming the world and making himself miserable. That’s why, blame is nothing more than another excuse that you add up to your infinite list of excuses. It is just the way that your mind is trying to force you to dwell on the problem because focusing on the problem is much easier than beating up your excuses and dedicating yourself to find solutions.

Life is full of constant flourishes and dwindles. It will shoot at you anywhere and anytime. It’s ruthless and it never gets tired. But it rewards you if you are ever-ready to get over its obstacles. Sometimes situations are irreparable and unavoidable. It’s just how life works and you can do nothing to change it. You just have to make yourself stronger than the circumstances and outlive it as best as you can. So, I ask you, ‘Do you get up after you’ve hit the rock bottom or do you whine?’ Choose wisely.
Pandey is a high school graduate from St Xavier’s College, Maitighar.

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