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Published On: May 24, 2018 10:20 AM NPT By: Shreedhar Pandey

Stories: A Way Through

Stories: A Way Through

Mankind is blessed with history, mythologies, and stories. It’s one of the main ways to understanding the meaning of our existence. The evolution of our cultures, traditions, morality, and spirituality through the ages are vital for us to move toward a better future. Immortality is deeply rooted in our genes and we have to leave the world behind one day or the other. Our accomplishments will be pointless if they are not recorded. They will be lost in the vast empty space. But fortunately, humans have discovered the process of telling stories and writing books. It’s the only way to convey the ageless tales of the world: stories of gods and demons, stories of heroes and villains, and stories of love and loss.

Stories are a point of reference. Without them, it would have been impossible to track the progress of many historic generations of our ancestors. What would we do if we are to be at the same place i.e. living in caves, not knowing how to evolve? This may seem ridiculous, but it’s true. Just think what if the first man to discover how to light a fire would have kept the secret to himself and never revealed it to anyone? We would not have been where we are. Stories keep a track of evolution. It teaches us the lessons our ancestors have learned from the experiences so that we won’t have to dwell on the same problems which took them a lifetime to solve. It gives us a rough estimate of a position from which we can extend the line for the next generation.

Our time is limited. We can’t do all the things in the world. But stories overcome this flaw of our human design. While we read or hear stories, we live the actual life of the protagonist. We become a war hero, we become a powerful wizard, we become a crippled star, we become a depressed teen, we become a man, a woman, a homosexual, we become a rich guy, a poor girl, we become an athlete, we become an artist, and countless more.

I love stories. My eyes and ears are always keen to view the world and extract a tale out of it. I hear it from old people who have lived a great life. I hear it from kids who are unique in their own ways of building up stories from nothing. Those stories may not follow the laws of the universe but they are stories indeed. And of course, there are book – from autobiographical to historical fiction, from epic fantasy to teen-romance, from hardcore non-fiction to self-help. And what I take from each one is that all of them are unique and irreplaceable.

I just hope people keep writing stories of their lives every day. I hope they don’t forget that a beautiful story doesn’t necessarily have a beautiful road. Sometimes it’s crooked and dry and sometimes it’s sun and stars. But through it all, craft your story the best you can and share it endlessly. And the forward loop will continue. From one’s mouth to another’s ear and so on ever after. Who knows after a thousand years, your story may become a legend.

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