Published On: June 15, 2020 04:47 PM NPT By: Tejaswi Pahari

Society, People and Social Taboo

Society, People and Social Taboo

Birano yo mandir ma… Kunai diyo baldaina…Na auu mero samu timi…Maile choyeko pani chaldaina”

I am sure many of us have heard this famous song once in our life. The lyrics of this song summarizes the intense pain, bitter reality, the perception of people and the pattern of our society that continues to practice the caste based discrimination, untouchability system, gender based discrimination, social violence, etc by promoting these social taboos. My question to all those people out there who proudly presents them as an educated individual belonging to a so called higher society, having so called upper caste, prestige and dignity in the society as compared to those who have been carrying the tag of being and belonging to a lower caste, class category, or say gender dispute can you all kindly tell me who are we? Are we God? Are we a super human being having a supernatural power? Or Are we educated fools?

I personally would like to say that also with a huge shame in my heart that yes we are proud educated fools who have been running towards those things that discriminates one individual to the another, that classifies people and creates hatred among each other in terms of so called caste, class, religion, and what not. All we are practicing and giving a place in our heart, life and in the society is by setting an example in promoting such social taboo in this 21st century where the world has become one small global village and we have come a long way in terms of development be it in regard to infrastructure to technology, but then what is still not developed is our so called shit mentality. We are where our society wants us to be that encourages us to practice social taboo and pass on to our future generation so that the world will be a place that serves hatred, inhumanity, and greed among people for the many more upcoming years as well.

I feel devastated and feel ashamed of myself in penning down these things at the moment which gives me immense amount of dissatisfaction and I am well aware that all these articles, write up and the effort me as an individual or else have been practicing since ages to create social awareness among people in changing their mindset, and the perspective of them seeing and judging things can’t make a huge difference unless and until the feeling of change evolves from your own heart. But then, what I always believed is “Something is better than nothing” at least we can try who knows our one small effort can be fruitful to that one individual out there who is seeking something like this to change and re think in regard to their perspective and the way of seeing things in life from a border perspective.

I only urge all the people out there to kindly place yourself in someone else’s shoes once and walk their path then you will know what they might have gone and been through so before judging, and passing comments on other’s and placing yourself at the higher place thinking superior than them, realize these things and say who is wrong and who is right because I am sure your journey is also not a happy one, may be you as an individual have also gone through many ups and downs in regard to be where you are.

 If god has been kind enough to bless you with the best of things in life then be grateful for that but that doesn’t mean you have the authority to degrade, demean someone in terms of your power, position, class, caste, gender, and so on and so forth. If you really want to know who stands where then compete with one another in terms of your intellectuality, creativity, credibility, talent, hard work then you will realize deeply that how wrong you were of your so called confidence so far because every other factors is just mere a factor that doesn’t determines your existence in the society what determines is “who you are as an individual” So, classifying people and ill treating them in the name of religion, race, caste, class, power, position, gender, rich, poor is the worst thing one could ever do and still facing such things in this era is a big shame for all of us to address ourselves as a human also because we are worse than those voiceless creatures that also have some we feeling in their heart as compared to us.

Though we humans have been classified into certain groups, class, caste, gender, race, religion, sex but then as a common thing we all have the same color of blood that is red which is much more powerful than any other thing. “Divided we fall, United we Stand, always remember” Spread Positivity Not Hatred, Practice Humanity Not Inhumanity.


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