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Life before and after COVID-19: A new approach

Life before and after COVID-19: A new approach

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We all are battling with the global pandemic disease COVID-19 that has created a ripple around the world in terms of analyzing and viewing things differently at the moment. There has been huge difference in our lifestyle, before COVID-19 and during the pandemic.

The way we used to think, act, and behave then and now has drastically changed. Today, we take precaution measures before going out from our houses while we used to be so busy working day and night; running here and there. Taking life for granted which has been shaken to ground due to the virus.

However, it has been blessings in disguise and taught us a huge lesson to be sensible, responsible, humble and wise before it is too late. We might not have even cared about our individual life; we were just working, searching for our happiness, chasing our dreams and what not. Now, it taught us to embrace and value what it is in front of us.

Therefore, along with the newly announced modalities and chaos that is running in people’s mind and life, another big question that hits us hard is — “how to get back to normal life and start our work, sustain our business and so on and so forth after this pandemic?” People seem to be frustrated and worrying a lot more than before. That’s understandable and obvious too. Amidst all these chaos what we need to understand is no matter what the situation be, we have to fight and bounce back in life being much stronger and bolder.

In this very regard, almost every business has been facing the negative impact of the pandemic. Be it event companies, restaurants, hotels, he most hampered business right now is the event companies, restaurants, and hotel businesses, and more.

Moreover, April, June, July till December were considered to be the month of celebrations, festivals, weddings. Various festivals like Teej, Eid, Dashain, Tihar, Christmas, New Year, used to fall in place within these very months. But then, in this 2020 we are bound to have a different approach to celebrate and be part of such festivals and occasion, which is a very tough thing for us to do. We are so used to gatherings and parties. However, during the period of pandemic we have to maintain social distancing for our own safety and for other’s safety as well. Nevertheless, we definitely need to have a different approach in dealing with things including the events, functions and festivities we organize/participate from now on.

In the months, June and July a lot of wedding ceremonies takes place.  And many event companies at this time are worried about overcoming from this pandemic and are bound to think how to grow their wedding business amidst this chaos. To address this very issue and to know some insight regarding the wedding scenario before and after pandemic, a little chit chat with the owner/ CEO Rupesh Thapa who leads a wedding company “Wedding Cinema Nepal” has been contributing a lot and have been covering many wedding events.

He is also a cinematographer who recently worked with legendary singers Satya-Swaroop Acharya in the song “Sunaulo Bihani Farkinechha” related to COVID-19.

Due to the current scenario I too am in a deep thought, where one question keeps on ruling in my mind— “ how to bounce back my business and get company’s growth and reputation that directly and indirectly plays a role of catalyst to my personal and professional life’s growth?”

Meanwhile, I am planning to revamp few aspects of my business such as following safety measures. I can use online medium to deal with my clients to maintain social distancing. Also, my focus is running my business through online, in terms of hadling official meetings such as promotion, planning and more. 

Therefore, as life goes on, we definitely had to bounce back and rise again to sustain our life with every situation that comes around.



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