Published On: September 27, 2022 05:25 PM NPT By: Tejaswi Pahari

Destiny and Destination

Destiny and Destination

Dor Bahadur Bista (the famous Anthropologist) states that eastern approach is rooted firmly in the decline of fatalism (the belief) that one’s destiny is fixed and wholly immutable.

“Fate and Free Will” have equal parts of play in every human life; we can achieve nothing until we are able to look ourselves realistically. Accepting what we see in the mental mirror, setting aside the distorted image of ourselves broadcasted by our mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife or peers (friends). At times, we are unable to throw the negative thoughts that last in our mind and burden our wellbeing with positive realization of our depositions. So many of us are terrified of doing things, envisaging our inner most desires in the light of the contents of Pandora’s box being afraid that if the box is opened, disaster will inevitably result.

I personally do not believe in “luck” either. We make our fortune with our own hands. Luck is not like a fairy tale story that will land on our shoulder out of the blue and proceed to grant our heart’s desire. We have to work hard for the things that we want to achieve and for that having a clear idea of what we want to do at the first place is highly required. Humans seem to fall onto two camps.

One, those who believe in self-determination and the fatalists whose (credo) tells them not to bother struggling their lives as life is pre-ordained or pre destined anyway, so what’s the use of over thinking and juggling much! The second, who solely believes in hard work, and hard work and only hard work in life. Here, I am not suggesting that we cannot ask for a helping hand when needed or say we must travel our life path in a lonely road fighting our battles without friends and allies. Looking for assistance if we have temporarily lost the way, in the journey of life can be done, but never to expect it as our due to be carried by someone else fully.

Human beings are children of fate. There are many mysteries in life and some of the philosophers and greatest teachers have come to the conclusion that faith, fate or destiny exists for all. In the 17th Article of Religion, “the Episcopal church of England” it states that no uncertain man that pre destination to the life is ever lasting purpose of God. Fate or destiny is generally taken for granted by that person only whose life runs smoothly believing luck to be in his/her favor always. A person who has every qualification which would enable him/her to merit success and that he/she has achieved until now was all possible because of the amount of hard work they have put and the work done behind the scenes to achieve what they have been desiring for, and so then only success has been delivered in their doorstep.

Most of the persons who are pointed out as particularly fortunate or lucky attributes, their success is primarily achieved by the rain of their healthy attitude, energy, passion, ambition, sheer hard work not only by blind luck or fate. Some people consider and points out others as lucky and that they are not, but what they don’t realize is that most of the people who are lucky or were lucky were only because of the amount of work they did it from their respective place. Those people who wake up with dreams in their eyes work day and night to achieve things they desire and wished for. In the contrary unlucky people console themselves by saying that luck wasn’t favorable for them so the chance which they had to get just passed away.

Moreover, one should not forget that harvest period of their lives which those lucky people have put effort in harvesting success in their pathway  because thinking and idealizing things in a certain way not only helps us in achieving success in life leaving everything upon fate, luck and destiny only. One should be focused more on both physical and mental health shape, having presence of mental power, will, and ambition along with good companies in achieving success in life.

I have seen and heard many successful stories of people who referred as self-made men/women and that they began their life in most humble positions almost from zero to become what they are now. These self-made people are not always brilliant to start with but then they have determination, energy and will who did not fail to seize every opportunity for progress. They seem to feel that everything depends upon their own efforts and no amount of labor is allowed to stand between them and ultimate success. I have seen people who depend upon themselves entirely who not only trust lucks or fortune circumstances rather they would accomplish every task in the world by their own efforts, hard work and dedication.

In this regard I would like to follow bhagwad gita that states “Do good deeds but don’t accept for good results” (Karma gara fal ko asha nagara) also in Nepal there is a tradition when a child is born, on the 6th day of his/her birth the chaiti puja is done where it is believed that bhavi will write the future for that child that the very day itself,  so it is generally believed that life is all about pre destined incidents where we do not have any control in our destiny or fate, which is true in one sense but that’s not only the ultimate thing to rely on without putting a single effort, hard work, dedication and showing that passion in life to work and achieve our dreams.

Such things have a part to play in our life but we cannot firmly believe it to be the ultimate reality. Without vision, hard work, dedication, dreams a desire nothing can be achieved merely sitting idle in the couch and fantasizing things. Luck, Fate is the supporting elements that help us to move one step ahead in life but we are the ones who have to do all the hidden works. In conclusion, Life is all about destiny and the destination that we fulfill throughout our life span in this earth/universe.




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