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Inside the Protein Bar: A Smart Outlook

Inside the Protein Bar: A Smart Outlook

Protein bars have recently gained so much popularity that people have started consuming it be it for weight loss purpose or weight gain or to maintain certain weight and stay fit and healthy. The healthy eating, healthy living concept have been so much in trend these days that almost every other household have either someone who goes to gym or follows proper diet plan. Cutting off sugar and replacing it with jaggery powder or say eating mixture of 5 types of grains instead of wheat flour for roti purpose or including some fruits, nuts, oats, cereal, for breakfast or being vegan, or opting gluten free products can be seen widely these days.

Above all this, Are protein bars good for us to intake daily in our life? They’ve certainly become popular and also an easy, go-to go snack on the way to work from home or from the gym, and for those days specifically when you don’t have time to have a proper meal, but then is it really worth for us to consume or opt for? Come let’s find out together!

The concept of dieting, healthy eating, joining gym, doing yoga and exercise is a very good initiation one can do to make their life better both mentally and physically but then what I have personally witnessed is these trends are more focused on in following the trend only rather than its actual benefits. What I believe is following diet plan, doing exercises and yoga, joining gym, eating healthy foods/snacks should be taken as the way it should be not only for fashion and trend purpose only and you should be well aware with the fact that whatever you are doing and consuming should fit you perfectly according to your body type. Sometimes, one healthy food that suits you might not suit the other person. So, “everything that you consume should not consume you basically”

Also, the market with these protein bars have taken a huge turn in today’s time basically they are sellable in the market because of its brand name or say the brand icon that is associated with it. Many new influencers, creative minds and entrepreneurs who want to step into this field that have good amount of knowledge and experience in terms of protein bar recipe and it’s right amount of ingredients or say proper research in terms of its quality and quantity (grams) in regard to its ingredients/recipe that needs to be used for better results are lacking behind who can do wonders if they step into this field and what lacks them behind? Is it the Idea? The Recipe? The Research they need to do? Investment? Manpower? Or What Else? So, basically the answer is their “WILL” for them to step into this field without being reluctant of market and the competition that is in the market with same product or the brand icon that are associated with the products that is already available widely and doing pretty good as well.

Competition is everywhere and in almost every field and like it is said competition should be within you vs. you not with others. Also, when there’s will, there’s a way so without wondering much if you have some innovative ideas to start up something new that is already in the market don’t step back believing you can’t achieve milestones as they did or are doing rather set example by being unique, different and simply “YOU”

In conversation with Mr. Anil Thapa, Public Health Professional who is currently working for Jhpiego US based organization representing Nepal states that “You need to do your own branding by being brand in yourself” I being a fitness freak in my 20s is still passionate about doing workouts, going to gym, following proper diet and in fact I have my own personalized gym at my home that I made, to motivate myself each day to get up and work hard. I being in my mid 30s now, I lack behind in terms of my physical strength while lifting weights, doing heavy workouts but that doesn’t hold me back,as the energy and zeal which I have within me then till now never stops me from following my passion. Apart from being a fitness freak I too want to indulge myself into launching my own brand starting off with protein/fitness bars as an entrepreneur in near future.

The idea of protein bar basically generated in my mind back then in 2008 but I tried the recipe for the 1st time in 2012, and took it at my workplaceto munch over for around 2 months but due to work commitments, and pressure it was not feasible for me to take it further. Then again in 2015the idea popped out when I reached London for my further study, as I saw varieties of protein bar, by multimillion fitness companies out there. Nepal had just started energy bars with sugar, nuts and cereals at that timebut they were less in protein, chunky/cardboard in taste and texture and also not worthy both money and health wise too. The size was also tiny around 60-80 grams that couldn’t be considered as snack with less calories where they don’t even put any nuts too.

And to my surprise the recipes, the ingredients, the idea that I had in my mind back then between 2008-2012 when there wasn’t such protein bar intake trend or availability in Nepal’s market I saw/see such similar products in the market and in online stores at IGT currently and there I say myself wait, am I late in this, had I taken enough time/years that people already came up with such similar ideas and recipes and doing wonders each day. So, now I have promised myself that “better late than never” I will surely follow my dream and come up with my own brand someday so that people can actually enjoy protein bars not just as a supplement meal or snack or say for weight loss or gain or simply being fit but for their wellbeing both physical and mental, because “we are what we eat” so eat right that’s what my motto for life is.

Also, back then when I noted there were granola bar like snickers and other chocolates in Nepal’s market but not fitness bar with less sugar preservatives and unhealthy fats in the Nepali market I wished if there were something which had all the goodness in one element that I could grab and munch over and fill my tummy when I am busy or had no time in preparing full-fledged breakfast to eat. The protein bar that we have in the market have all the same recipe that we basically intake in breakfast like oats, honey, nuts, protein powder, cocoa powder except milk in it, that is basically a concept of having a complete breakfast meal replacement in the form of bar.

Moreover, I keep on doing research in this and try making different kinds of bar at home in my leisure timeas an experiment for my knowledge believing that first I need to satisfy myself and my taste bud then only I can satisfy my future consumers/buyers. I have promised myself that the very day when I will be able to satisfy my inner self with my innovation in terms of my recipe, I will surely launch my own brand for that planning and preparation is on from my end at the moment. Therefore, in this regard what I like to enlighten the readers with my learned experience is that “sometimesso called energy bars, protein bars can contain a range of ingredients, from the healthy to the surprisingly unhealthy ones so while many of us are attracted towards best protein bars that is packed with seeds, nuts and whole grains, but at times they are loaded with added sugar and sweeteners – often to mask the bitter taste of some of their more healthy ingredients. And when it comes to choosing a healthy protein bar, knowing what ingredients to look for on the packaging, and understanding basic nutritional information, can help you make an informed choice.

Last but not the least when it comes to how 'good' protein bars are? It depends on the brand of protein bar and what ingredients that goes into the bar. Most protein bars contain a good mix of ingredients that provide flavor and texture, such as nuts, seeds and dried fruit. They may also contain whole grains, such as oats. To bind these ingredients together, and improve the overall flavor, they may also contain sugar syrups, artificial sweeteners, chocolate, milk, eggs, or yoghurt powder. Vegan brands may choose to use plant-based agents, such as soya or rice. So, its better you consult a dietician or have proper research regarding diet food/snacks before actually indulging yourself into it. Following diet is one thing and living by it wholeheartedly is different thing. Opt for things that you truly enjoy don’t burden yourself just for sake of doing it forcefully, because it’s in trend or you will look rich doing that.  Better results come when you enjoy everything you do through your soul not by money or luxurious things.

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