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Published On: August 8, 2017 01:14 PM NPT By: Shreedhar Pandey

Live it right

Live it right

I carry the ashes of the dead in my hands,
It burns my heart when the ashes reflect,
Of a life I had no guts to walk an extra mile,
It’s hard to die with your dreams staring at your eyes.

Getting up every day with no goals in my mind,
Obligations and responsibilities make me blind,
When the day takes its toll, all you can do is stare,
That stare lasts a lifetime and I think it’s not fair.
If I could live my life again, I say I will live it differently,
But I know, the fate and karma will kill me patiently,
The legacy you leave behind will amount to nothing,
The world will burn it and blow it like dust in the wind.
You get one opportunity in life to live it right,
If you get lost along the road, your existence will die,
When your life becomes no more than a game,
It makes no sense to lick your lips for money, sex and fame.
Revive the fierce heart that loved to dream,
That inspired people to believe and live free,
Resurrect the one, who once hoped to touch the stars,
And lift humanity to dream much more far.
So, give up hating the world for your troubles,
Forgive your past and heal your scars,
Let go of your ego and your false pride,
Because the last chapter of your life is still alive.

Shreedhar is a high school graduate from St Xavier’s College, Maitighar.

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