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Pratik is a high school graduate from Trinity International College, Dilli Bazaar, Kathmandu.

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Published On: June 18, 2019 10:05 AM NPT By: Pratik Mainali

Is the school readying us to be bitter and resentful in the future?

Is the school readying us to be bitter and resentful in the future?

School life is all about school spirit. The gentle nobility of the teachers, the lofty ideals of the students, the urge to break free and rebel, the whirlwind of outrageous passions, the kindling of warm desires, the blooming buds of fond youth, the swollen waves of bewildering feelings, the gleaming friendship strung tight and close by sentiments of mutual esteem, the flourishing hopes of splendid future which make school life memorable.

It is curious but sometimes I wonder if “good schooling” will soften and consequently render us incapable to face the impending vigorous struggles in life. The school is overflowing with the milk of human kindness.  It is a burst of heartening sunlight that fills the delicate heart of the students with generous warmth.  It is the soft glow of light that soothes the troubled heart.  It is a limpid stream of thought that lulls and softens the brutal passions of students.  The teachers, with liquid eloquence and flowing benevolence, spread their knowledge to weather and nurture the flower of our life. We are accustomed to people of surpassing loveliness and dignified character.

However, what I’m driving at is, the world is a monstrous place. People are often of ignoble disposition. The line that separates the good from bad is blurred and grey. The world is a place that very often rewards the uncouth and the strong while punishing the noble and the meek. The noblest of minds are often left crushed and dazed in this cruel insatiable world.

 A question I’d like to ask is-Are we being tended and softened only to be, in the distant future, shattered by the wantonness of the world? A thing to ponder upon, isn’t it?

The school protects us from the hostility of the real world, also shelters us from unpleasant truths.  Is it making a grave mistake by doing so? By facing the tough aspects of life now will we be softening the harshness of life in the future? Is the school readying us to be bitter and resentful in the future? How do we face and deal with ignoble and monstrous characters in life?

When we are exposed to the outrageous fortunes of the real world at an early age, we are more likely to build resistance towards it. Through early struggles, we can possess a polite strength. This is only possible through less monitoring and more freedom. When students learn for themselves the rules of a rough life, the consequences of languor and toil when they learn to uplift the towering spirit of friendship and move forward with a feeling of overflowing comradeship.

When the feeling of being bound to a group stirs powerfully inside them, and they soar and delight and drift in the dizzying high of the dangerous drug called comradeship. Until the children learn to protect their naked hearts with an armor of dignity from thorns of brutal passions, they will never be able to ready themselves for the monstrous privations of the future. 

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