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Pratik is a high school graduate from Trinity International College, Dilli Bazaar, Kathmandu.

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Published On: July 4, 2019 11:05 AM NPT By: Pratik Mainali

Morning walks

Morning walks

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I am not my pure princely self until I’ve pottered about in the wash of new light. I feel a vague sense of emptiness and bereavement throughout the day, without a rigorous morning exertion of my muscles.  Rushing along the empty roads with steely resolve, drinking in the cool sweet air, sensing my stiff muscles soften, feeling happiness pump in my muscles, passion pound in my heart, strength flood into my soul. That is what mornings are all about for me.  When the air is perfumed with the balmy breath of God and the earth is soft and lumpy. The birds twitter and flit across the tranquil air. The trees stand still in brooding silence. With walks, the delicate petals of my soul begin to blossom and my cheeks blush with invigoration. I am uneasy, overstrained and anxious without morning walks. My body aches with unfulfilled longing.   

Take yesterday, for example, curious guilt was wrestling in my heart. It was as if a deep wound was inflicted on my finer feelings. Life seemed drab and cheerless. A strange weight hung upon my limbs.  I was simply lost in mists of meaningless confusion. Weeks ago, I was stung by sorrow and now crushing grief was creeping into me. It was only when I descended down the stairs that I felt a strange rhythm building inside me. I shot out of the door and ran through the overflowing streets. People gave me bewildered, nervous glances but I couldn’t help myself. The guilt and emptiness were somewhat washed out of my system. The knots in my muscles felt loose and relaxed. My blood was swilling swiftly in my veins. The strange weight rolled off me. I was in a merry mood.

Today morning, I rolled out of bed on the verge of consciousness, slid feet into my slippers, and sailed out into the empty road. The sky was blushing with maiden shame, the trees were slumbering in silence, and there was a tremendous exhilaration in the air. At first, the haze of sleep made my head swim. Slowly, I could feel throngs of sensations rising in me. Consciousness gleamed into me, and I became alert and animated. A torrent of passion flushed over me, I was thrilled with delight. My bones and sinews strengthened with masculine power.  The amber sunlight poured over the hills and painted the streets. A breeze gently made the leaves tremble; I rested my hands on my knees and panted. 

Now, as I write this, I feel the air whisper secrets of eternal youth. My mind is buzzing with fresh activity. My heart is pounding like a horse’s. My muscles feel as strong as steel. Vitality has lightened my spirit. The youthful vigor and positivity in me are palpable. I write this impassioned article to share my joy and merriment with you. This, my dear reader, is strong stuff. This is the secret of life. I am glowing with heartening warmth and enthusiasm as I pass this magical secret on to you. Spread the word, my dear reader. Spread the word.    

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