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Published On: September 11, 2019 03:15 PM NPT By: Pratik Mainali

The tenderness of heart

The tenderness of heart

The sun, popped out of the eastern hills, sailed through the sky, melting clouds with its sizzling heat, gently plopping into the western hills, draining with it, the light that warmed the earth. The moon, throwing itself into the sky, threw a few rays of cold light, but compared to the sun, it wasn’t frightfully hot. The people gave it a passing glance, then waving a dismissive hand, turned their heads sharply away, and turning to their respective tube lights for visual aid. A cloud came upon the moon’s feature, which was desperate to win publics approval.  The general publics of Kathmandu weren’t very impressed by the moon.

A tender moonlight reflected on the rippling river and Paribesh Shrestha rested his vision in the lovely scene.  Closing his eyes, he listened to the chirping birds, rustling grass, rippling river, and let the soft nurse of nature do her job. It was the gracious hour when overstuffed with barrelful of food, the people wilted into their beds, and snore their shrill widow shattering snore. He got up, dusted his trousers, then straightening his back, and stretching his hands, trotted back to his home. He tore his way through the dancing shrubs, and reaching the moonlit road, feasted his eyes on the noble light. Drinking the light with his heart’s content and purring with perfect satisfaction; he dragged his drowsy body to his home.

Throwing the gate open, he rested his foot gracefully on the floor, and was about to sail into his door, when a harsh sound, floated to his eardrums, and made him tremble on every fiber. He restored his sanity, and was about to dash, when the sound replayed. But this time with a choked, helpless tone. With courage flowing once more in his sinews, he boldly scanned the place, where to his surprise, he found lying, curled into a ball, a puppy, which seemed to him to be a fluffy bundle of joy.

Gently, like a young romantic, lifting a broken flower, he picked up the puppy, and placed him close to his heart. The eyes of the puppy that were round and wet and honest touched his tender heart. 

It was a tearful Paribesh Shrestha nourished the feeble spirit of the fluffy bundle of joy. Coursing through his soulful sinews were soft currents of familial joy. He tended and nurtured this fluffy bundle of joy for days and nights. He nursed him with liquid affection and tender care. Until, finally the puppy was nursed back to health. The eyes that Paribesh owned looked red and haggard, his face careworn and overwrought, his hair looked shaggy.  The attention and time he was paying to the wellbeing of the poor thing, had cost him his peace and health. The brain had been strained to such an extent, it was rattling. 

It was after restoring the health and innocence of the puppy, that Paribesh realized it into the street. The sinews were repaired, the strength restored, the heart pumping with the vim of a tigers. Finally, Paribesh dropped in his bed and, letting out a sharp snort, plunged into the dreamless.

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