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Pratik is a high school graduate from Trinity International College, Dilli Bazaar, Kathmandu.

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Published On: May 29, 2019 11:05 AM NPT By: Pratik Mainali

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

I left my thoughts unchecked and it reached deep into the dark, desolate den of despair. Soon enough my heart was wrung with grief. In the delusional freakishness of the youth I found myself abruptly sobered into sadness. I was hopelessly dazed. A strange weight hung upon my limbs. Darkness crept into me and burdened my sensitive soul. Deceit, wickedness and sin were injected into my nerves exposed with carelessness. The spirit was touched with melancholy. The bent and turn of my thoughts twisted grotesquely. My head throbbed with depraved thoughts throughout the night.  In the mornings, the shaft of sunlight failed to ignite my dark soul, as it streamed through the window. The roots of sorrow tightened its grip around me. I became a victim of brutal passions and morbid vanity. In my heart there was a sad echoless silence. At length I felt my bones shrink, my heart squeeze, my head swim, my body writhe and twist. I dropped down the dreadful depths of unbroken void. Bereft of indulgence, I became restless, distressed, and haggard.

No spirit can lay smothered forever. The foolish timidity eventually wafts away. Silently I felt a thread of hope poke through the smoky sorrow and stir the noble spirits. My soul gleamed with soft light, then strung together, like a string of pearls, they spread a vast light and my heart glowed with heartening warmth.  Peace echoed on the palaces of my heart, vitality vibrated through my body, blood was pounded powerfully by my heart, the warm blood swilled all over me through my veins. The warmth put a balm on my wounded feelings. A brawny strength flooded into me.  My visions cleared, I rubbed my eyes and gazed at the wrecks of my innocence. I tended them with tender care and affection, I soothed them delicately. I cultivated forgiveness and compassion, and felt confident enough to hold lofty ideals. The spirits were rekindled and finer passions once again inflamed. A tremendous exhilaration bubbled on my heart, with eagerness and alertness I pulled myself together for future privations.

I blazed through the path with an unrelenting zealous fervor. Teeming with passions and flourishing with noble ides, I trailed the path of hardship. From the steed of vision I could see the sensibilities of life with vivid clearness. I felt iron enter my soul. With delighting rapture and steely conviction, I steered away from the oozing darkness of the evil, the trampling feet of outrageous fate, the temptation of forbidden sins; I lifted myself from the heap of dust, and reveled in the simple liberties and limitlessness of a content life. The perfumes of honest toil, sweeping vast and wide, teeming the previously barren plots with throbbing gold and warm yellow, awaken the delicate buds of hope from their slumber. The budding heart blossoming with colorful petals of hope and scent of anticipation, replacing the putrid stench of creeping doubts, with sweet curious smell of loam, stirring the soft spirits of strength. 

At length I was able to succeed. With majestic nobility I welcomed the warm sunlight on my face. I walked boldly, with my brows as lofty as my ideals. With heavy cloudy breathe, I walked. My arms sinewy and strained with exhausting slog. From my trembling nostrils flowed out the breathe of vigor.  Radiant with the glorious victory, I silently celebrated underneath the chambers of my chest.  Here is to new beginnings. 










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