Published On: September 29, 2018 09:30 AM NPT By: Manoj Ghartimagar

Adventure sports in Pokhara

Adventure sports in Pokhara

Pokhara is gifted with geographical variances creating endless tourism possibilities.  Allured by its natural beauty, the region sees abundant domestic and international tourists throughout the year. In addition to the picturesque surroundings it flaunts, Pokhara is also gaining fame amongst adventure sports enthusiasts. 

High Ground Adventures' bungee jump program is among the key attractions for adventure seekers. It is an added sports variance to the already existing paragliding and white-water rafting.  

Zip flying, which provides an opportunity to witness the panoramic stretch of the Annapurna range, is another option introduced in the recent years. It begins from Sarangkot Dada and ends at Hemjha. The start point of zip flying is situated at a height of 5032 ft above sea level. It takes around two minutes to cover the 3000 ft drift. 

Likewise, rock climbing is also available in Pokhara under the supervision of Three Sisters Adventure at Methalang, Sarangkot. 14 people can simultaneously ascend to the top of the two boulders standing 10 meters, and 21 meters each. Despite the dangers involved, a thrilling experience is guaranteed while climbing the steep boulders. 

Rock climbing enthusiast Saraswati BK shared, “Though it is tough while climbing, it is even more thrilling when you look down once you reach the top. Rock climbing encouraged me to try my hands on ice climbing as well. There is a misconception that rock climbing is just for the people who go out for mountain expeditions. Rock climbing is for everyone.”

Pokhara not only features a natural rock climbing site, it also has an artificial rock climbing venue situated at International Mountain Museum. The artificial structure is 22 meter high. 

Ghalel village in Lwang Ghalel flaunts its share of adventure. It is renowned as a canyoning destination. Canyoning provides an opportunity to descend down a waterfall.  It is necessary to wear a suit that maintains body temperature. For safety measures, you need to a harness as well. According to Ram Gurung, director of Pokhara Canyoning, canyoning was introduced to attract tourists and extend their stay in Pokhara. He added, “Nepalis are more interested in canyoning and people take adventure sports as a way to release stress.” Depending on your proficiency level, you can opt to choose between 45 meters or 300 meters long descend.

Paragliding gives you the opportunity to fly and get a bird's eye view of the beautiful lake city underneath. Sarangkot is ranked number five on the list of most suitable destinations for paragliding. Likewise, one can also choose ultralight flight to soar among the clouds. It was introduced by Avia Club. At present, there are three such companies which provide the service.

Rafting is another adventure sports in Pokhara. Seti River is the most preferred destination. It begins from Mardi’s Dobilla and ends at the dam in Simpani River, covering approximately 12 km. While in the core city, you can also enjoy kayaking in Fewa Lake, visit caves and find activities of your preference. 

“Pokhara is the best place to experience adventure sports. You can choose from a variety of adventure sports and get a lifetime experience and thrill,” shared Pomnarayan Shrestha, tourism entrepreneur in Pokhara.


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