Published On: January 24, 2018 03:31 PM NPT By: Manoj Ghartimagar

Feeling ruff? Dogs might help you

Feeling ruff? Dogs might help you

POKHARA, Jan 24: Some decades ago, dogs were kept for their capacity to differentiate between strangers and family members. Dogs are well known for their loyalty toward their owner. They are mostly kept for security and to keep company. However, the scenario has slightly changed in the modern days as people these days keep dogs as a hobby. 

Ex Gorkha soldier Harka Pun currently has two dogs, and he takes them to a walk each morning. The dogs also accompany Pun to various events. “Earlier when we were kids I remember that dogs were used as protective beasts against wild animals such as tiger and bear while cattle grazing. Now, most people keep dogs out of fondness,” he said. 

When in army, Pun had seen that dogs were given various training and it is there that he developed the desire to raise dogs. He said, “I am fulfilling my dream to raise dogs after my retirement. They have not only increased the beauty of the house but have also fulfilled my dream. It is a trend in Pokhara that ex army men are raising different breeds of dogs.” 

The two-way communication between dogs and humans has made them a popular choice as pets.

Actor Dimpal Magar is also an adherent dog lover. She takes her dog in her scooter and likes to watch its activities. She said, “Dogs learn what they are taught and they can be trained. I feel happy and rejuvenated when I play with my dog. My dog sleeps with me, and it starts to bark at my mom whenever she scolds me.” 

In urban and city areas, nuclear family and a mechanical lifestyle seem to have inspired people to pet dogs. People also raise dogs to get rid of depressing feelings. “When you live in a nuclear family, you need a dog to play with and also for security reasons. Playing with dogs for sometime makes me refreshed whenever I am in stress,” said Gautam Udas, owner of Anmol Café, Pokhara. The café is the only place in Pokhara that has the Neapolitan Mastiff breed.

Udas has four different breeds of dogs, and has employed a staff to look after them. He brought his Neapolitan Mastiff from Delhi. Udas said, “Dogs behave according to your mood and they are capable of understanding you. This is the very reason that inspired me to rear dogs.”

However, raising dogs is not a cake walk. You have to allocate time for the pet and it’s a costly affair. “It is difficult to raise dogs as some of them need meat two times a day. They also need to be taken to the doctor for check up from time to time,” said Udas. 

German Shepherd is the most popular breed in Pokhara, while Pug, Tibetan Myaskib, Labrador, Doberman and Rottweiler, among others, are other preferred breeds.

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