If one has time and opportunity, s/he definitely won't deny having some fun. And with the concept of having fun along with socializing with like-minded people, Ramilo games, a social gaming platform, was launched in 2021.

Fun Facts about animals

March 10, 2020 10:57 am

Dogs’ nose prints are as unique as human fingerprints and can be used to identify them.

Weekend fun

August 16, 2019 07:49 am

Weekends are for relaxing and lounging around the house in your pajamas. But every once in a while, it’s good to change things up and say, go for a hike or meet friends for brunch. As much as sitting at home and being with yourself is an important aspect of self-care, connecting with people and doing new things are also equally important.

In the heat of the time, keeping track of the chores goes awful beyond measure. But when it’s planned, it’s easy to spend a day. Sure, you’ll be busy but there’s not any way that you’re increasing your productivity.

Long rides made fun

July 5, 2019 08:10 am

How many times have you gone on a long road trip and been bored out of your mind? It’s all fine and dandy for the first few hours but when enough time has passed, the trees start becoming dull, the skies annoying, and you are sick of scrolling through your phone.

The robot waiters follow fixed paths to deliver food and drink orders to customers, who are asked to keep out of the robots’ way. Others serve up entertainment, such as Pepper, a “receptionist” robot that can hold a conversation and also dance with customers.

Joy times four

October 26, 2018 07:12 am

I’ve loved children for as long as I can remember. Even as a young girl, I would play with dolls pretending they were my own children. I would volunteer to take care of a child whose mother needed rest and I loved being surrounded by little children. They were, literally, small bundles of joy. Even back then I would imagine being a mother to my own children – the games we would play, the rides we would take, and the places we would go.

Fun with cards

October 17, 2018 10:46 am

A guide to some fun card games you can play this Dashain

NC Chief Whip Khand terms it objectionable

Fun with food

June 29, 2018 11:00 am

Siddharth Ghimire is arguably the most successful food blogger in Nepal. With over 120k followers, @nepal.food is the most followed Nepali food page on Instagram. Besides curating the page, Ghimire is also pursuing a bachelors’ degree in film studies, is a food consultant at multiple restaurants as well as a member of the ‘Women In Concert’ team. All in all, you could say his life is pretty hectic but interesting.

Finding the ‘fun’ in funny

June 8, 2018 09:20 am

Aayush Shrestha, a stand-up comedian, is slowly becoming increasingly popular among urban youths. He is known for connecting the world of humor to bigger issues such as politics, caste hierarchy, and international relations. He says he likes making jokes on politics and all other socially inappropriate issues because, apparently, he has no time for creative content.

Soaltee Crowne Plaza in Kathmandu has launched ‘Unlimited Saturdays Unlimited Fun’ campaign from Saturday.

Fun with fashion

March 23, 2018 09:31 am

Rhea Pradhan was looking for something to do in her free time post SLC and that’s when fashion blogging caught her fancy and she entered the blogging scene. This was back in 2011, and terms like digital influencers and vloggers were not a thing – even blogging was a relatively new scene. Pradhan happened to stumble upon Le Happy blog by Luanna Perez-Garreaud and, inspired by her individuality and how well Perez-Garreaud expressed herself through her style in her blogs, Pradhan wanted to do something similar and jumped on the blogging bandwagon.

Get out to have fun

February 21, 2018 13:09 pm

Spending time with our loved ones not only gives us happiness and refreshment but also a lot of memories. Most of us in today’s time are busy with our own schedules and have less time for the family. It needs a proper planning and schedule to be together for a good time.

Valentine's Day fun facts

February 14, 2018 12:05 pm

Some fun facts on Valentine's Day.

Where learning is fun

February 9, 2018 08:56 am

How many of us remember all that we studied in school? Our minds were often like sponges, soaking up much of the information, be it through rote learning, and forgetting most of it a few months after the exams were over. Wondering whether derivatives would actually be useful in any way later on in life and figuring out the value of that dreaded ‘x’ was how most of us spent our childhoods. Creativity and thinking outside the box were considered frivolous concepts and the government curriculum that our schools followed didn’t leave much room for it anyway.

Fun with fries

January 26, 2018 09:48 am

Who doesn’t love fries? It’s almost everybody’s go-to snack when eating out or when you are too tired or lazy to cook an elaborate meal at home. While a plateful of fries with ketchup or mayo feels sinfully good, there are many other easy and simple ways to up your fries game.

Learning Nepali with fun

December 2, 2017 08:40 am

POKHARA, DecC 2: To promote Nepali language in non residential Nepali, ‘Nepali Barnamala’ card game has been developed. Bardan Gurung who is living in Hong Kong and President of Tamu Samajha Hong Kong, Komal Gurung (Shyanjhali Kancha Dai) has designed the Nepali alphabet card.

Fun facts about China's CPC national congresses

Fun breakfast ideas

October 6, 2017 09:04 am

Believe it or not but there is a way to start your day on the right note and that is with a good breakfast. We have been told and retold the importance of the first meal of the day but not many of us have the luxury to prepare grand breakfasts when there are a gazillion chores that need to be done before we head to work, which is why The Week brings to you some ultimate breakfast ideas.

MALTA, August 29: For more than a century, locals in the small Maltese town of St Julian’s have celebrated their patron saint by running up a steeply angled log, smeared with lard, protruding over the sea.

Weekend fun

July 14, 2017 11:56 am

It’s Friday – that time of the week when you start looking forward to relax and unwind. But aren’t you tired of doing the same thing weekend after weekend? How about doing something meaningful and fun at the same time to make sure you are completely recharged when you head to work when the weekend is over? Don’t just waste time by binge watching a series or whatsapping with your friends all day long. Here, The Week presents 10 exciting ways you can utilize your weekend and make it super exciting

Finding the fun in monsoon

July 7, 2017 10:06 am

It seems weather is just one of those things we will invariably complain about. Either it is too hot, too cold or, like these days, too wet. And we agree anybody who can’t afford to laze around at home has every right to complain. For most us, the puddles and muddy trails begin right from the gate of our homes. But to paraphrase some wise man or woman (#feminism), “You always have a choice.”

Fun after 40

June 18, 2017 01:30 am

Unless Nepal is able to create significant number of jobs in agriculture, infrastructure and tourism labor migration to other countries won’t stop

A school where learning is fun

April 27, 2017 07:45 am

KHOTANG, April 27: Tek Bahadur Khati was passionately polishing a wooden table last week at a foundation which oversees his education. The boy from Likhu-2 was brought to the Jan Jagriti School, which is one of the schools run by Shubham Foundation, five years ago.

An Indian court has ordered filmmakers to cut four scenes from a forthcoming Bollywood movie after ruling that they show lawyers in a bad light, media reports said Tuesday.

Of dreams, fears, & fun

January 6, 2017 10:08 am

As a kid, Samriddhi Rai had always been fascinated by nature and often dreamt of hosting a travel show. But of all things, who knew it would be the devastating earthquakes of 2015 and a few careless words spoken by a foreigner friend in its wake that would motivate her to work towards her childhood dream.

Festive fun

October 28, 2016 02:20 am

With Tihar at our doorstep, the streets of Ason are bustling with people busy with shopping. The usual hustle bustle of Ason is amplified ten folds with stalls selling Tihar related merchandise spread all over the already crowded street.

KATHMANDU, Oct 21: With bags of flavors exploding in your mouth with every spoonful, Mango Chili is a delightful place for food lovers.

Clad in a skimpy black bikini, the busty blonde could barely contain her ample chest which spilled out of the scanty fabric.

Fun of Asar 15 (photos/video)

June 29, 2016 18:33 pm

The Day is marked on the 15th of the Nepali month Asar every year. The 15th of Asar is the day when traditionally Nepali farmers finished planting paddy in their fields and enjoined in its celebration.