KATHMANDU, August 2: Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) Chairman Rabi Lamichhane has announced that he will plant about 54,176 saplings according to the votes received in the by-election.

The recent by-elections have sent a clear message to established political forces: citizens are seeking results from politics and are fed up with traditional parties that only enjoy the 'musical chair' of power. The emergence of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) as the fourth largest party in the general elections held last November, within a few months of its establishment, and its resounding victories in two of the three constituencies in the by-elections held on Sunday, have reaffirmed the need for traditional parties to reform themselves or risk further erosion.

KATHMANDU, April 26: Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) President Rabi Lamichhane and the party’s candidate Dr Swarnim Wagle have won by-election held on Sunday with a wide margin.

Dr Wagle got more than half of the total Sadar votes, Bhattarai got 30 percent

KATHMANDU, April 24: CPN-UML candidate Ram Prasad Neupane has taken an initial lead in the counting of votes for Chitwan-2 by-election.

CHITWAN, April 24: The Election Commission (EC) has sought clarification from the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) Chairman and House of Representatives by-election candidate from Chitwan-2, Rabi Lamichhane, for allegedly violating the election code of conduct.

CHITWAN, April 24: The counting of the votes under the by-elections held yesterday in Chitwan Constituency number 2 will begin from 1PM today. Assistant Electoral Officer Ishwar Acharya said that an all-party meeting which started earlier today has agreed to begin the counting of votes from 1PM.

KATHMANDU, April 24: Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP)'s candidate Dr Swarnim Wagle is leading with a huge margin in the ongoing vote counting the byelection held in Tanahun-1.

Kathmandu, April 24: The by-election for the members of the House of Representatives (HoR) in three constituencies concluded successfully on Sunday.

CHITWAN, April 23: Voting for the by-election continues in Chitwan Constituency number 2 from 7 am. Nepali Congress candidate Jit Narayan Shrestha has voted from Chaturmukhi High School Shaktikhor.

CHITWAN, April 23: Voting for the by-election in Chitwan-2, Tanahun-1 and Bara-2 began at 7 am.

KATHMANDU, April 23: By-elections in three vacant constituencies of the House of Representatives are being held today.

Ensure election integrity

April 23, 2023 07:37 am

Today, as voters in Tanahun, Bara, and Chitwan head to the polls for the by-elections, concerns have arisen about the integrity of the electoral process. Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) candidates have accused the ruling parties of using money, muscle, and power to sway the voters on the eve of the election, an allegation that cannot be taken lightly.

KATHMANDU, April 22: The road section from Muglin to Madi River in Tanahun will be completely closed on the day of the by-election tomorrow.

KATHMANDU, April 21: The Election Commission (EC) has made special provision for closely observing and monitoring the silence period of the by-election to the Members of the House of Representatives. The silence period came into effect from midnight on Thursday.

BARA, April 21: The Nepal-India border points in Bara district have been sealed for 72 hours from today in view of the by-election taking place in Bara constituency-2 on April 2

KATHMANDU, April 15: The Janamat Party, which left the government after not getting the water supply ministry, is preparing to leave the ruling coalition. The Janamat Party leader believes that Nepali Congress, Maoist Center, CPN (Unified Socialist Party) and other parties in the alliance have betrayed them.

KATHMANDU, April 12: The Election Commission has issued permission to six organizations for the election observation of the by-election going to be held on coming April 23 for the member of House of Representatives (HoR).

CHITWAN, April 9: As many as 29 polling stations, out of 43, in the Chitwan electoral constituency have been assessed as 'highly sensitive' in view of the upcoming House of Representatives (HoR) by-election. The by-poll is being held in three constituencies - Bara-2, Chitwan-2  and Tanahun-1 on coming April 23.

CHITWAN, April 7: The District Administration Office, Chitwan, has asked the general public to hand over the weapons in the houses to the nearest police station.

KATHMANDU, April 7: The code of conduct for the by-election of members of the House of Representatives has come into effect from today.

KATHMANDU, April 5: The Election Commission (EC) has said that the election code of conduct will come into force from April 6 for the by-election of members of the House of Representatives to be held on April 23.

KATHMANDU, April 5: The Election Commission(EC) is scheduled to publish the final name list today for the by-election to be held on April 23.

KATHMANDU, April 3: Nagarik Unmukti Party, a coalition ally in the incumbent government, has decided to field its own candidates for the April 23 by-election (in all three constituencies, Bara-2, Chitwan-2 and Tanahun-1).

KATHMANDU, April 2: Nomination papers of candidates are being registered on Monday for the by-election of members of the House of Representatives to be held on April 23.

KATHMANDU, April 1: CPN-UML has nominated former police chief Sarbendra Khanal as the party’s candidate for the upcoming by-election in Tanahun Constituency-1 and Ram Prasad Neupane in Chitwan Constituency-2.  The byelections will  be held on April 23.

Dr Swarnim Wagle decides to quit NC

March 30, 2023 16:23 pm

KATHMANDU, March 30: Renowned economist Dr Swarnim Wagle has decided to quit Nepali Congress (NC) alleging that he was repeatedly humiliated by the party's top leadership.

CHITWAN, March 30: Nepali Congress (NC) has decided to nominate Jeet Narayan Shrestha as a member of the House of Representatives in Chitwan-2.

KATHMANDU, March 25: The Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has decided to file candidacy in all three constituencies where a by-election is taking place on April 23.

KATHMANDU, March 24: The Loktantrik Samajwadi Party (LSP), Nepal has decided to register the party in the Election Commission (EC) to participate in the by-election taking place on April 23.

KATHMANDU, March 20: Names of 11 aspiring candidates from the Nepali Congress (NC) have been recommended to the party center for the by-elections to be held on April 25 in Chitwan-2.

KATHMANDU, Feb 19: The Election Commission (EC) has called upon the political parties to register for the by-election to be held in Chitwan constituency number 2 on April 23.

KATHMANDU, Feb 15: The Election Commission (EC) has scheduled the date of registering candidacy for the by-election on April 3. The by-election of Chitwan Constituency-2 is to be held on April 23.

DANG, Feb 8: Voting for the by-election of a member of the National Assembly has started in Lumbini. Voting has started from 10 am at the staff meeting centre in Ghorahi, Dang.

KATHMANDU, May 31: A by-election is being held in Lumbini province for one vacant member post of the National Assembly today.

KATHMANDU, May 20: The ruling CPN-UML has condemned the violation of party directive by the voters of the National Assembly by-election held on Thursday.

KATHMANDU, May 20: Voting for a vacant post of member of National Assembly by-election is ongoing in Bagmati Province today.

KATHMANDU, May 17: A PCR test report carried out within the past 72 hours is required to vote in the National Assembly by-elections.

POKHARA, Nov 7: Candidates from different political parties on Thursday have registered their candidacies at District Election Office, Pokhara for the vacant seat of House of Representatives in Kaski-2 amidst the presence of party cadres and supporters.

Eyes on by-elections

November 7, 2019 08:53 am

Nepal is gearing up for by-elections scheduled for November 30, for 52 vacant positions including a seat for the federal parliament and three seats for provincial assemblies.

KATHMANDU, Oct 24: In the run-up to the by-elections, the Election Commission (EC) issued a code of conduct on Thursday.

KATHMANDU, Oct 16: The meeting of the ruling party, Nepal Communist Party's, Secretariat that recently concluded at Baluwatar has issued directives to its subordinate committees to recommend the names of candidates for the by-election.

KATHMANDU, Sept 11: A secretariat meeting of the ruling Nepal Communist Party has decided to register the party at the Election Commission for the upcoming by-election.

KATHMANDU, Aug 4: With the announcement of the date for the by-elections by the Election Commission, the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) and main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) have intensified their search for candidates in Kaski-2, the only constituency which has a vacant seat for the federal parliament.

KATHMANDU, Oct 12: Chairman of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Pushpa Kamal Dahal said on Friday that NCP leader Bamdev Gautam has already decided to backtrack on his decision to contest a by-election from Kathmandu-7.