Local units start purchasing medicines for monsoon

Published On: June 7, 2018 07:03 AM NPT By: Mukti Prasad Nyaupane

PALPA, June 7: As monsoon is just around the corner, almost all local units of Palpa have started purchasing the required stock of medicines for rain-induced diseases to be distributed to the locals.In November 2017, Tansen Municipality had purchased medicines worth Rs 705,000 and distributed to various health posts. 

Palpa District Hospital, six of the health posts and three health centers had been dealing with the shortage of some medicines of late. However, the problem has been solved after the municipality purchased and distributed medicines to them.

 Shree Bahadur Rana, Health Coordinator of the municipality said that the District Public Health Office (DPHO) is also supplying medicines at the moment to help deal with this problem. "We have the stock of required medicines and we are planning to purchase more for the monsoon," said Rana. 

Similarly, Tirtha Dhungana, Coordinator of Rampur Municipality said that medicines worth Rs 500,000 have already been handed over to the health institutions in the municipality. He also informed Republica that medicines worth rupees 1.5 million have been separately purchased for Rampur Hospital. "We will be buying more medicines if required," said Dhungana.

Likewise, Min Bahadur Rana, Health Coordinator of Nisdi Rural Municipality said that the municipality has purchased medicines worth Rs 1.1 million and already distributed them to the health institutions. "As of now, all health institutions have enough medicines and we are planning to buy more from the remaining budget of Rs 3,015,000," said Rana.

Furthermore, Mathagadhi, Tinau, Ribdikot, Purba Khola, Bagnashkali and Rainadevi Chahari rural municipalities have also purchased medicines for the monsoon. "We have stock of most essential medicines," said Yam Bahadur Chidi, Health Coordinator of Mathagadhi. According to Shreeraj Acharya, Coordinator of Purbakhola, the recently purchased medicines will be enough for monsoon."We are ready to buy more medicines in case of an epidemic or the outbreak of any disease," said Acharya.

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