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Woman suspected to have been infected by coronavirus dies in Dhulikhel

Published On: May 16, 2020 06:15 PM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

KAVRE, May 16: A woman who was suspected to have been infected by coronavirus has died while undergoing treatment at Dhulikhel hospital, Kavrepalanchowk.

Kavre braces up to reduce electricity leakage

Published On: December 28, 2019 11:34 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, Dec 28: Kavre Distribution Center of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has said that it has been successful in controlling electricity leakage as per target.

Six years on, completion of drinking water project still uncertain

Published On: October 14, 2019 10:24 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, Oct 14: The construction of Kavre Valley Drinking Water Supply Project, which was expected to be completed within two years from the date of agreement with the Chinese company, is yet to be completed even after more than six years.

Passengers suffer as 5 bridges remain incomplete

Published On: September 7, 2019 08:24 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, Sept 7: People traveling on Pushpalal (Mid Hill) Highway are suffering as five reinforced cement concrete (RCC) bridges in Sindhuli and Khotang districts remain incomplete due to negligence contractor.

Quake victims accuse contractor of taking all money, leaving houses incomplete

Published On: September 6, 2019 07:00 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

KAVRE, Sept 6: All the victims whose houses were destroyed in the earthquakes in 2015 were elated when they were told that they would get government grant of Rs 300,000 to build a new house.

Farmers spray pesticide without identifying pest

Published On: August 8, 2019 07:36 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, Aug 8: Farmers in Kavre district have been spraying pesticide haphazardly on their crop without even identifying the pest.

KU padlocked by student union for a week

Published On: July 2, 2019 05:30 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, July 2: Education at Kathmandu University remains halted for the past six days after the student union affiliated to the ruling Nepal Communist Party padlocked the university.

KU professors ask registrar Sharma not to take significant decisions

Published On: July 1, 2019 05:02 PM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

KATHMANDU, July 1: All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU), the sister wing of the ruling Nepal Communist Party(CPN) has padlocked the Kathmandu University (KU) for the past six days.

IN PICTURES: National Paddy Day being observed

Published On: June 30, 2019 05:46 PM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

KATHMANDU, June 30: The National Paddy Day is being observed today across the country.

Transportation committees register as companies in Kavre

Published On: June 2, 2019 10:52 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, June 2: The transport committees of Kavre district which were registered under Associations Registration Act 2034 BS (1977) have been registered under company registration act. The Federation of Nepalese National Transport Entrepreneurs Association had given a deadline of Saturday, June 1, to all the transportation committees to register as companies.

Panauti implementing good practices for milk production

Published On: June 2, 2019 10:27 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, June 2: Panauti Municipality has geared up to maintain hygiene and quality of milk and dairy products intact via ‘good milk production practices’, engaging all stakeholders in the dairy value chain.

Growth in wildlife population in community forests affecting farmers

Published On: April 30, 2019 07:53 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, April 30: Gokul Bajagain, a farmer from Kakre village of Banepa, regrets his decade-old decision to conserve the forest. Back then, forest conservation felt like a very wise act. But now the number of wild animals in the forest have proliferated that the same forest has become a source of worry to him. , and he has no means to address the problem.

E-learning centers in Banepa community schools

Published On: March 26, 2019 08:41 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, March 26: E-learning is common in private schools. However, it draws headlines when this happens in community schools. There are a very few community schools in the country to offer this facility and schools of Panauti Municipality have recently made into this list. With the support of donors, the municipality has installed computers and other necessary tools in two schools of Banepa while 10 other schools are in the row to go digital.

Panauti to provide allowances to divorced and single women

Published On: February 10, 2019 07:50 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, Feb 10: In its effort to facilitate numerous women living difficult lives owing to unfortunate reasons, Panauti Municipality has introduced a special package of social allowance for such persons.

IN PICTURES: Kavre witnesses heavy snowfall

Published On: February 9, 2019 10:57 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

KAVREPALANCHOWK, Feb 9: Bethanchowk of Kavrepalanchowk district has witnessed heavy snowfall on Saturday morning.

Country's first supercomputer installed at IT Park

Published On: December 30, 2018 08:15 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, Dec 30: Kathmandu University (KU) has installed a supercomputer at Information Technology (IT) Park. This is the first time the country got a supercomputer, which is expected to contribute significantly in the sector of research and handling of databases.

Newari oil massage ‘gets foothold’ in Europe, being forgotten in Nepal

Published On: November 25, 2018 08:57 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, Nov 25: “It is a unique style of oil massage which strengthens the body and mind of a newborn. It has gained popularity in Europe but is being forgotten in its native land,” says Nasma Scheibler Shrestha.

With ban lifted in Valley, tipper trucks again taking their toll

Published On: October 31, 2018 08:06 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, Oct 31: The home administration on Saturday lifted a ban on the movement of tipper trucks during daytime in the Kathmandu Valley.

Quake-resistant mud-stone houses with retrofitting

Published On: October 28, 2018 03:05 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, Oct 28: The family of Maya Lama of Panauti-1, Manedovan has spent four monsoons and three winters under the tents since the catastrophic earthquake of 2015 damaged their house. Fortunately, they will be able to spend their fourth winter in their old house.

Panauti Municipality provides buffalo pregnancy allowance

Published On: August 19, 2018 06:57 AM NPT By: Madhusudan Guragain

BANEPA, Aug 19: In order to support buffalo farming, the third municipal assembly of Panauti Municipality has prioritized birth registration and distribution of pregnancy allowance programs for buffaloes. This has raised many eyebrows and created enough buzz.