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Published On: July 15, 2017 01:53 PM NPT By: Shikha Bahety

When you love someone, it comes back to you

When you love someone, it comes back to you

Being in love, falling for someone deeply and madly, doing crazy things that you had never imagined you would, the connection, chemistry, charisma, goose bumps and long conversation when you are getting to know each other, the first hug and first kiss are etched in our hearts forever.

All of us have been in this situation. For some, love comes early while others wait for destiny to bring their soul-mates. Some do not realize they are in love for months until the person they like is not around, and some fall in love at first sight. Some wait on a queue and finally win hearts, while some are with many until they find the one.

There are so many stories and each one of these love stories is different, they are romantic and some are pretty amazing. It usually happens that you meet the one when you are least expecting. They say, “Love come to you when you stop seeking it.” So, when you are not even looking to be in a relationship, you might meet your soul-mate at the strangest time and strangest place. The one that is right for you will accept you as you are and love you more.

People do not realize that they are in love until someone sweeps their heart away with relentless gestures of adoration. There are times when a part of you knows that you are falling for that person unconditionally and you do not want to express as you are not sure if it is a two way love street.

It is a beautiful sight when two people celebrate the love between them even years after being together. They have the same equation and spark that was in the start. Each day seems as the beginning, and the bond grows with each passing moment. To think about it, love a simple emotion made complex by people. You just need to let your soul-mate know how much you love them, how much they mean to you, and how important it is to understand that it is not about the chase.

The feeling of being loved and pampered throughout is the best gift you could give and receive. Expression and communication are key to keep any relationship thriving. Love is just not a four-letter word, it is a feeling which is worth the wait in situations which are not under your control. If you can think of one such person that comes to your mind, let them know right away that they mean the world to you.

The writer is a Chartered Accountant and Client Servicing Executive at JWT Thompson Nepal.

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