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Published On: December 3, 2018 01:25 PM NPT By: Shikha Bahety

I volunteer-here’s my story

I volunteer-here’s my story

It’s been five years since we started with the events at The KTM Drive. It feels so nice how a small idea which was discussed over a coffee turned out to be an eco-friendly drive where we gave about 200 tree saplings for free. The thought came up as we spoke about the dust and pollution while the reconstruction of the roads was happening and how it got hard for people to walk around town. This is when the ‘Go green’ awareness campaign started. We had no idea on how one event led to the other, our idea expanded, and it was just not going green but other events which added to making the lives of the people greener. We have conducted hundreds of events till date. As we work on the alternate weekends we have two events a month. KTM Drive is a concept. It’s an initiative started by a group of professionals with a common motive – to make Kathmandu a better place. Following are some of the activities:

Giving out free saplings at malls so people can multiply the plantation over time. We have been associated with many schools wherein we have grouped children of certain classes and taught them how to plant. There has been monitoring session post which we teach the kids to go back home and plant trees if they have the space. We visit differently able centers and conduct various fun events with the kids with special abilities. These have ranged from fulfilling their wishes, drawing classes, Ice cream treat, craft classes, providing stationery, showing them movies and providing them with hygiene kits.  One of my best events has been flying kites with these kids during Dashain. It was so much fun being around these kids and spreading smiles. We have been sponsoring thirteen children for their education. Eight of them are from Disabled Rehabilitation Centre and five are underprivileged but deserving students.

We love taking these kids to the zoo, Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Museum, giving them mufflers, gloves and caps for the winters.

We are also connected with the elderly people at Nisahaya Seva Sadan.  We love spending time with the elderly and getting their heartfelt blessings. During Dashain, we got Saris for Aama’s and trousers for Bua’s. We have conducted ten Rucksack projects till date, wherein we give warm clothes and food to the homeless and needy.

The best part about being the founder member of this organization is the way the events take place. We welcome any idea that people want to share in. I make sure that everything is coordinated for the event; the sponsoring if required is available. The feeling of contentment and satisfaction that we get by the end of the day is beyond description. Life becomes more purposeful and the act of giving makes is meaningful. The best part about The KTM Drive is that there are no formal rules for joining us as members; one can join us in any event that they want. It’s very flexible. It is quite amazing to see how kids, whom we distributed clothes last year, recognized us and wanted to be a part of our drive by helping us give clothes. Not only has The KTM Drive connected people, but it also has inspired many on its journey of four years. The factor that drives me is that there is so much to give, and the more that I have gotten involved in social activities; it feels that there is no end to it. 

The most surprising part is how credible this organization is: We have sponsors from all around who haven’t even met us yet. We completed a three month project called the Teach with Ktm Drive with 15 girls at an organization named Chahari. The members were allocated one hour in a week and they would teach those subjects which are not taught in school. Our next big project in scheduled for 2019. It is about building rooms for adult literacy in Kavre, so that the residents empower and sustain themselves.

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