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Published On: December 24, 2018 12:00 PM NPT By: Shikha Bahety

The closure in a relationship

The closure in a relationship

You have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.  Some can stay in your life but not around you. This is when we are talking about the different relationships you have been in. Some connection with your loved ones, friends or a stranger you recently met lasts for ages and some withers in no time.

It all depends on the effort that we make to stay connected and also the chemistry that lasts even if you are not in touch for a long time. The relation stays for an endless time while the feelings are expressed and reciprocated.  A one-sided affair lasts for a while. If you want the other person to stick around; you need to be there when the other one needs you. Each bond grows when it is compatible in both ways; or else it will end way sooner than you can even think of.

The closure is one of the hardest things in a relationship especially when there is no particular reason for it. It is very difficult to talk about mutually ending things and choosing one out of two: the bond being the same and staying in touch forever since it all started, with the relation of being friends in the beginning or not being in contact throughout as it makes one more tougher.

Either choice requires us to let go, someone that we have been in love for ages, someone with whom we have had that charisma and chemistry. Situations cannot be the same as they were and it is not easy to just get back to being normal. It is a strong judgment and is more challenging for the ones who are expressive. Undoubtedly it is a decision which comes to a conclusion from both sides; the initiation has to be made by one. Having to do that and the consequences post that is the most petrifying thought.

Sometimes there is nothing to fight for and we do not realize that we are dragging the moment because we do not want to accept the distance which has already been there for a long time. That is when we need to give it a closure. The times when the relationship starts to fade and there seems to be instability for a year, we need to make that call once and for all. Since the decision has been prolonged for long, having the same discussion time and again, the feeling when we know that it is going to be last time that we can emote ourselves is certainly full of nervousness.

There are times in a relationship, the ones that we can relate to, where we do not need judgments from others, as we are the ones who have been in that situation. The phase when we are holding on to that special someone and want things to change and hoping it to be as we started and get that charm back. With due time if that holding on gets far ahead of our line of patience, then we need to move on forever and for always and arrange the last set of talks to end it.

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