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Published On: July 16, 2019 11:30 AM NPT By: Faris Shamim

The Distraction of the Heart

The Distraction of the Heart

I had a dream of being a school topper in my SEE examination, so, I had decided to study hard, forget my distractions and focus only on studies. I had the will power to control all of my distractions, except for 'her'. To be honest, she was my heart and would be there with me every second, without whom I was nothing.

The best thing that had happened to me in my whole life was HER. Meeting with her was fate, being her friend was a choice and falling in love with her was just out of control. Now, I myself am divided into two. My mind says, “go for your studies, make your career, guard your future first. These types of distraction come and go. You want to be a successful person so then choose the path that I show you” and then my heart debates that saying, “you fool, don’t you dare listen to him. Do you think that we were born only to study? Of course not. You were born to search for your soulmate and then the rest of your life would be successful. So, choose the path that I am showing you.” So, consequently, I am in great confusion at whether my mind would lead me greater success, or my heart.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, I haven’t decided on which path I want to take, so for now, I run 50 percent of my life as per the principles of my mind and rest of the 50 percent as per my heart. Sometimes, I feel like she is just a distraction and sometimes I feel like she is everything to me. Unable to find the answer to my life, myself, I have been waiting for time to show me the right path itself. I hope god helps me! Amen!

Sometimes I wonder if the effort is only one-sided; what if I am the only one who is concerned? These queries of misery lead me to think deeply, but I have never been able to come to a conclusion. So, I basically concluded that life is a game which is really tough to pass and only those with the purest soul get to pass this life.

I hope that everyone has a true and pure soul!

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